0114 Site Security Officer and Control Room Standard Operating Procedure

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This is a professionally written Site Security Officer and Crowd Contro Standard Operating Procedures document. This SOP has been written by security experts with years of operational and management experience in the security services industry.

We continuously improve on this SOP every few months; adding vital security procedure that would help your security and crowd control staff improve on their service and operational delivery at your client site.

Few Example’s of SOP Table Contents
Duties and Responsibility of Supervisor, Security Officer
Emergency Management Procedures
Dispute Resolution
Site Patrols
Employer Responsibilities
Control Room and Monitoring Centre Operators
Foot and Mobile Patrols
Detaining an Offender
Customer Service- Dealing with Complaint
Officers Code of Conduct- Security COVID Marshall Duties


Where/Site this SOP is Most Useful
  • Facilities, Building Apartment Security Team
  • Pharmacy, Hospital or Medical Centre Security
  • Hotel, Motel or Hospitality-Tourism Post Security Team
  • Factory or Warehouse Security Team
  • Gatehouse, Mobile Patrol or Static Security Team
  • Corporate Security Officers
  • General Security Guards Duties Stationed at a Site
  • Construction Site Security
  • Other General Security Officers Operations



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This SOP is designed for use in  training and inducting your site security-officers. It is also designed for regulatory compliance purpose and site-contract.
Country: this SOP can be used by any (in any Country or State) professional security services company that values the quality and safety of its employees, clients and patrons
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