0142 Private Investigator Training Manual/SOP


0142 Private Investigator Training Manual/SOP

About The Document
This is a combination of the Standard Operating Procedure and the Training Manual for your Private Investigator employees or students.

This is a professionally written and developed document that your employee (Private Investigator) needs to help them understand what you and your client expect of them each and every day whilst at work.

This is a rich document with over 14,000 words, filled with clear instruction, images and detailed practical procedure that your Private Investigator employee would enjoy learning from to update their knowledge.

Please see a table of contents in the display images!


This Standard Operational Procedure/Manual will be of great benefit to your employees whether they have zero prior experience or if they are expert Private Investigators.

For training and induction of your Private Investigators employees, students, and staff.


Why You Need This Document
–          Continuous improvement and training of your employees

–          Meet compliance, licensing and regulatory purpose

–          Be ahead of your competitors by regularly training your Private Investigator employees/students with the highest quality Operational/Training Manual

–          Peace of mind of your client; knowing their hired Private Investigators are regularly trained

–          Win contracts; let the client know that you provide your employees with regular in-house training, and that might give your business the edge to win the contract!


Country/Region Use
This is a world-class designed Standard Operational Procedure/Manual; with Australia as a foundational reference; but it is designed for the global workforce/practice.

Note: You might need to add/replace a couple of lines with you state or sountry terminology or legislation (it will take you a few minutes to do so, after reading through)


This document comes in a Microsoft Word document, professionally designed and easy to edit/customise to meet your business needs, and state and country standards with ease. Instant download of documents and easy access to editing according to your specification; only if you choose to, or you can use it just as it is.

Assessment: This Operational Manual, also comes with 2x Employee Test/Quiz Assessment sheets, for use in testing your employees.

Document Customisation Service:

After or before purchase, if you want us to edit and update this document with your company names, logo, state or country reference information or any additional information, please send us an email for our editing rates.



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