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Our Sustainable Environment Guide

Security Concepts Services is a security company that is aware of how its business practices affects the environment. As such, we are taking measures to help reduce wastage, encouraging the use of recyclable materials, using energy saving devices and engaging in practices that will help reduce the carbon footprint in our environment.

We also hope to encourage our employees and clients to adopt these measures, so we can help preserve our environment and reduce global warming!
Reduce Wastage: Only purchasing materials and items that you need and will be used — also, source materials from suppliers who are producing their products in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way.

Use Recycled Materials: Purchasing office and home items that are made out of recycled materials. Such as, printing paper and any other materials that can also be recycled after use.

Recycle Bags: We encourage the use of recycled shopping bags and that whenever you are going to the stores that you take your bags with you from home or work.

Recycle Bins: We encourage the use of recycling bins at every workplace and that every recycled material is deposited in such recycle bins.

Use Energy Saving Lights: Using energy saving devices to help reduce the amount of power we consume at home or in our workplaces.
Water Saving Measure: We encourage the use of water saving measures. Such as, using water tanks and only using water with an environmentally sustainable mindset.
Planting Plants and Preserving Green Vegetation: We engage in the planting of green plants at our workplace. We encourage everyone reading this to do the same and avoid removing green vegetation and trees.
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