Security Start-Up and Business Development

We have assisted and supported a number of individuals and companies setup their security businesses and apply for master licenses, with 99% success and satisfaction rate from our clients!

Our mission is to simplify the process for every individual wanting to start their own security business and affordably. We also provide our customers, both those starting from scratch or already own and operate a security company, with business development support and coaching to be more efficient and profitable!

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Business Support for Start-up Security Companies

  • We help Individuals and businesses set up a private security company
  • We help individuals and businesses get a private security business/agent license
  • We help solve the hard questions like ‘how do I start a security company?’
  • We help businesses build their website and SEO together with advanced marketing strategies
  • We create and sell security officers training manuals.


Security Services Documents Shop

Our documents are professionally written by a security industry expert! Once you make a purchase, you get to instantly download these documents; they are easy to edit (add your business name, logo, contacts, etc.) and ready for use!

You can also visit our security Shop if you require the following documents and more:

  • Security Standard Operating Procedures (multiple security SOP’s)
  • Security Rates and Quote Templates
  • Security Officer Employment Letter
  • Quality Management Plan
  • Environment Management Plan
  • WHS Management Plan
  • Crowd Control Register
  • Timesheets
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Pricing Quote Templates
  • The Proposal, Capability Letter Templates
  • Security and Crowd Control Registers
  • Incident Report Registers and Forms
  • DIY Tender Writing Packs.

Visit our store and explore various documents and packs that would be of great benefit to your security services business. Also, feel free to send us an email if you got any questions or custom request.