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Contents: Professionally written employee training manual/courses for security officer and crowd control employees. They are designed to train your security and crowd control personnel to improve on their productivity, services delivery and quality. This training manual comes in Word format. Each module has one (1) assessment instrument for use in assessing/testing/quizzing your employees after they have read/studied the Training Manual.

Design: Training module and assessment instrument (test-quiz) are written in editable Microsoft Word, which offers your organisation the flexibility to edit and update the training content to suit your exact needs, or you can choose to use it as it is with 100% satisfaction!

The training manuals come with real-life scenarios, insightful quotes, examples, pictures and diagrams for an exciting, educative learning experience for your staff.

Industries: This training manual/module is designed by a veteran security professional in conjunction with academic researchers, and it can be used for most industries such as; Security Guards, Crowd Controllers, Bodyguards, Cash in Transit Personnel, Armed Guard, etc. It is also suitable for use in any other workforce/industry with some minimal amount of editing.


Modules/Courses Contents
1.     Customer Service Delivery Please check product display image for a full table of contents
2.     First Aid Response Please check product display image for a full table of contents
3.     Working at Events (Crowd Control/Security) Please check product display image for a full table of contents
4.     WH&S/Response to Suspicious Items Please check product display image for a full table of contents
5.     Response in an Active Shooter/Robbery Situation Please check product display image for a full table of contents


Edit: These modules/documents are in Microsoft Word format and PDF, which means you can edit this document within 10 minutes and it is ready for use to train your employees.


Learning: These modules/courses contain vital workplace and training information that your employees can complete a single training module and assessment within 20-40 minutes depending on the employee.

Why your security business/company needs these modules/courses:

  • To help improve the quality of your security/crowd control staff
  • Help you compete for tenders and win a contract
  • To create your own online training for your staff via your business website
  • Comply with any required legal compliance protocols
  • Win the trust of your client by taking the training of your staff seriously


Single Module Pricing: The Single Module costs $245 per module. Please email us if you require single modules.

Other Training Materials:

Check Shop Items 0110 if you prefer other Training Module/Courses that cater to your workforce that are not in the security or crowd control industry.

See Our FAQ Security Firms Compliance Documents


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