0110 Employee Training Manuals


0110 Employee Training Manuals

Contents: Training manual professionally written and designed to train your workforce to improve on their productivity, service delivery, and quality. This training manual comes in six very important modules (WH&S, Customer Service, Risk Management, Ethics and Code of Conduct, Conflict Management, Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination). Each module has three (3) assessment instruments for use in assessing/testing/quizzing your employees after they have read/studied the Training Manual.


Design: The training module and assessment instrument (test-quiz) are written in editable Microsoft Word format, which offers your organization the flexibility to edit and update the training content to suit your exact needs, or you can choose to use it as it is with 100% satisfaction!


The training manuals come, with real-life scenarios, insightful quotes, examples, pictures, and diagrams for an exciting, educative learning experience for your staff.



Industries: This training manual/module is well designed and it can be used in almost any industry such as; Hospitality, Cleaning, Construction, Security, Not For Profit, Government Agencies and Departments, Call Centres, Reception and Administration Services, Child Care, Disability and Aged Care, etc.





Modules Some Examples of Table of Contents
WH&S Stress Management


Pandemic (Covid-19)

Hazardous Chemicals

Risk Assessment

Emergency Response Procedures:

Primary Duty of Care


Others (please check imagery)

Customer Service Risk Management Procedure

Duties and Responsibilities of Managing WHS

Review and Monitoring of Control Measures

Hierarchy of Controls

Identifying Hazards

Others (please check imagery)

Risk Management  

Conflict of Interest

Relationships at Work

Accepting Gifts at Work

Privacy and Confidentiality




Others (please check imagery)

Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination Internal Customers

Building Rapport

Active Listening

External Customer

Providing Feedback

Active Listening

Customer Service Procedure

Others (please check imagery)

Work Place Conflict Management Negative Impact of Workplace Conflict

Decreasing Productivity

Causes of Conflict

Conflict Resolution Process

Reach a Compromise

Systematic Workplace Issues

Difference in Personality


Others (please check imagery)

Ethics and Code of Conduct Know What Work Place Bullying Is

Impact of Bullying



Report Bad Behaviour

Sexual Harassment



Others (please check imagery)



Edit: These modules/documents are in Microsoft Word format, that means you can edit this document within 10 minutes and it will be ready to use in training your employees.


Learning: This module contains vital workplace and training information. Your employees can complete a single training module and assessment within 25-45 minutes depending on the employee.


Single Module Pricing: Single Module Cost $385 per module. Please email us if you require single modules.

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