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Essential Documents Every New Security Company Need When Starting

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Important Documents Every New Security Company Needs When Starting

If your security company/business needs our compliance or business documents, then make a payment and the documents automatically download to your computer.
All documents are in Word format (except a few editable PDFs). So, that means you can easily edit and add your business names and logo.
The pack also comes with an easy-to-understand instruction manual to help you edit these documents to your business or company specification.

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1 x Security Standard Operating Procedures (LRD accepted): Designed to train, induct, and teach the security employees of your company or client-site policies, procedures, and standing orders. You can edit this document within minutes to fit with your specific site or company requirement. This document can also be used for compliance and security license application.

1 x Business Plan (LRD accepted): This business plan is designed to assist/guide your business for Security Business Licensing Application purposes. Also, with a few minutes of edits, you can use this business plan to apply for loans, grants, and security business/agent licenses. We can re-design this business plan just for your specific business strategic needs and direction for an additional fee!

Note: If you are purchasing a pack and you require armed, cash in transit, mobile patrol, electronic security, security adviser, venue security or event, and crowd control SOP, then please send us an email, so we can make sure that we provide you with the right SOP in your pack purchase.

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1 x Proposal/Introduction Letter: This letter is vital for your business to have. It helps introduce your business and capabilities to clients. It also has rates and booking fillable-forms on it. This document is easy to edit to fit with your company pricing, services, etc.

1 x Free Security Employment Contract Letter: Every security company needs to provide their employee with an employment letter the moment you hire them. This document is easy to edit for casual, part, or full-time employees and you can add the exact rage-wage you will pay the employee.

3 x Security Price-Quote Template: These are some of the most important documents you will need. This template comes in Microsoft Word, with rates based on the Australian award (you can change the rate to your company rates). These documents come with fillable forms that your client can fill using their mobile phone or computer to book your services/guard hire.

1 x Free Superannuation and ATO Documents: Every business needs to provide their new or existing employee with this document. This document helps your business capture all employee relevant tax information.

1 x Employee Records Form: This document helps you ask and capture employees’ vital information for record-keeping. This document is well designed to help your employees answer important questions that the employee and business will need for a good working relationship.

1 x Free Employee Fair Work Information Statement: By law in Australia, every new employee must be provided with these documents upon commencement of employment with the employer.

1 x Health and Safety Training Manual: (refer to first aid manual information)

1 x Security Customer Service Training Manual: (refer to first aid manual information)

1 x First Aid Training/Induction Manual: All our training and induction manuals are designed by specialist security professionals. You will need these training and induction manuals to train all security employees at a client site. These manuals also help your business stand out when going for tender to win security contracts. They come with quiz/test questions for testing of your employees every 6 to 12 months. Check the link to purchase our complete Officer’s Training Manuals.
If you require quality security employees to deliver top security services to your client, make sure your security company has these training and induction manuals.

1 x Employee Timesheet: This document helps you capture all security employee shift details so you can forward it to your payroll officer for accurate payment of all staff their wages.

1 x Online Incident Report Form: Your security company will require an incident report register. These forms will be used by your guards or management to write incidents, risks, or near mises report.

1x Hardcopy Security-Crowd Control Register (Free postage in Australia): This document/folder is a must-have for your business. In certain states in Australia, security and crowd controllers must sign-in before they commence their shift on any site or event, failure to have this document may lead to your business being fined. This document also serves as a legal record document and could be used in future legal disputes.

Crowd Control Register/Sign on Register: Most countries around the world or states and territories in Australia stipulate that every security and crowd control employee site (with ongoing work) must have a Crowd Control Register or Sign in Register.

You can not run a smooth and successful security business contract without having a Crowd Control Register on site. All your security employees must have and write in this register their; Names, License Number, Crowd Control/Employee Number, Start and Finish Time, etc. You don’t want to have compliance or payroll issues in the future because you didn’t have a sign-on register.

Incident Report Register: This is a must-have document for every security business that intends to provide professional security guard service to its clients. You will need an Incident Report Register at every site where you have security guards or crowd control working on an on-going base.

This document is vitally important when it comes to your security employees recording and writing every major incident that happens on-site. You might also need this document for the following reasons; during court cases, employee disciplinary and termination process, etc.


Management Plan Systems: It’s hard to win a major security tender/contract without a good Management Plan System. Click on this link to learn more about our Management Plan System (Quality, Environment, Work Health & Safety). We will write more about this shortly!

DIY Tender Writing Documents: Click on this link, to learn more about why you need these documents. We will write more about this shortly!

Security Book (Security Adventure Service): Whether it’s an eBook or hard copy, this rear security book contains important information for security business owners, managers, supervisors, or security officers. This book reveals the challenges, and obstacles the security officer faces daily. It also highlights how managers can help better lead their team with empathy and great professionalism. This book contains information that will help any security professional improve on their service delivery. Do you want good true stories? Then this book contains so many true but important security on-the-job guards’ stories! This book can also serve as a Site Security Manual for your security team.  Link to purchase the book.

Social Media Policy and Code of Conduct:  You want your new or old employee to understand your client and company rules, behaviours, and actions that could lead to disciplinary-actions, suspension, or termination of employment? Or you simply want your employees to understand your Press or Social Media Policy, what not to say that might affect your client, business brand, or employee’s employment? Then this document is for you and your employees.

This document is vitally important when you recruit a new employee, especially at a high profile site. These documents and most of what we recommend are very important because there will be a point in your business that a new client will ask you if you already have these documents and that will determine whether or not they will give you the work/contract.

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More Reasons Why These Documents Will Help Your Security Business

The documents purchased will help move your business to the next level, in terms of training your security personnel, preparation for tender submission, etc. Ensure that your website (About Us or anywhere) informs your clients that your security company has its own WH&S, Environment, and Quality Management Systems.

Also, add on your website (About Us or anywhere) how your firm trains and inducts security officers in First Aid Response, WH&S, Customer Service, etc.

Your clients want to know your security personnel are properly and periodically trained/retrained and that you have Standard Operating Procedures that guide your workforce. This helps portray the Quality of the Security Personnel that the client is hiring.


Ensure you train and retrain your security personnel when they start working for you and at a minimum every 12 months, using the Training and Induction Materials you purchase.

SOP – Ensure that every permanent site you have has a copy of the relevant PDF copy of the SOP you bought/have (you can further edit the SOP to meet that particular site exact requirements if need be).

Ensure you make use of the SOP properly. Every patrol vehicle should have a copy of the SOP (PDF). Every Event Supervisor must have a copy of the SOP (PDF). This will help improve the quality of service delivery of your security personnel.

You may choose to do this for special or important events work; provide the selected/designated guards with a copy of the SOP to read and sign a day or so before the shift.


Make sure you keep/file records of each training and SOP (PDF) that your employees returned to you after they had filled and signed each document. This will help your organization have evidence that your security personnel often go through training/refresher training. Some tender requirements or clients may ask you for such proof before they sign a contract with your security firm.

Conclusion: Please visit our store below to purchase the right documents or pack that suits your current and future security business needs.
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