0110 Security Training and Induction Manual

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This pack contains five (5) custom written security guard/crowd control training and induction materials, for easy use to train your security employee (First Aid Response, Customer Service, Active Shooter/Robbery Response, Work Health, and Safety and Suspicious Package Response). You can also edit the documents to suit other non-security employees. All training manuals are designed specifically for training your security officers every 6-12months to refresh and improve their quality:

  • 1 x Security Customer Service Training and Induction Manual
  • 1 x First Aid Response Training and Induction Manual
  • 1 x Work Health & Safety Training and Induction Manual
  • 1 x Active Shooter, Robbery Response Training and Induction Manual
  • 1 x Suspicious Package, Items Response Training, and Induction Manual.

Check this link to learn why this Training Pack will greatly help your security business and employees.

**Individual Training and Induction Manual for $120 each. (Send us an email to purchase)**

To learn more about why you need these documents and their uses, please click on this Link.


These training manuals have been writing by frontline security managers with hands-on security and crowd control experience. It’s easy to use for training your security guards and crowd controllers. These training manuals come with employee reading materials; guards test questions and answers. They are for security company use to internally train and test their security personnel at the client’s site. These training manuals can be integrated into your Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Extras, please email to let us know if you wish to add any extras after purchase:

To post hard copy: $60 extra.

To help you edit based on your specification: $70 extra.

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