0110 Security Training and Induction Manual



This pack contains five (5) custom written security guard/crowd control training and induction materials, for easy use to train your security employee. You can also edit the documents to suit other non-security employees:

  • 1 x Security Customer Service Training and Induction Manual
  • 1 x First Aid Response Training and Induction Manual
  • 1 x Work Health & Safety Training and Induction Manual
  • 1 x Active Shooter, Robber Response Training and Induction Manual
  • 1 x Suspicious Package, Items Response Training and Induction Manual.

**Individual Training and Induction Manual for $120 each. (Send us an email to purchase)**

To learn more about why you need these documents and their uses, please click on this Link.


These training manuals have been writing by frontline security managers with hands-on security and crowd control experience. It’s easy to use for training your security guards and crowd controllers. These training manuals come with employee reading materials; guards test questions and answers. They are for security company use to internally train and test their security personnel at the client’s site.

Extras, please email info@securityconcepts.com.au to let us know if you wish to add any extras after purchase:

To post hard copy: $60 extra.

To help you edit based on your specification: $70 extra.


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