0106 New Security Business Pack


This pack contains over 17 high-quality documents, designed for security services businesses. Are you a new or established security company? Then this pack is for you; the templates and documents are mainly in Microsoft Word, which is easy to edit and user-friendly. This SOP and Business Plan is suitable for Compliance and Licensing Applications (LRD 100% Guarantee)!
Pack Contents
1 x Advance Security Business Plan (LRD accepted) (Link here for more details about the Business Plan)
1 x Security Guards/Crowd Control Standard Operating Procedures (Link here for more details about this SOP)
3 x Security Price-Quote Booking Form Template [full, part-time and casual rates]
1 x Proposal-Capability/Introduction Letter [updated with contract terms and conditions]
1 x Free Security Employment Contract Letter [with security officers code of conduct]
1 x Free Superannuation and ATO Documents (AU)
1 x Employee Records Form
1 x Free Employee Fair Work Information Statement (AU)
1 x Health and Safety/Response to Suspicious Items Training Manual [updated with test quizzes for employees]
1 x Security Customer Service Training Manual [updated with test quizzes for employees]
1 x First Aid Response Training Manual [updated with test quizzes for employees]
1 x Employee Timesheet
1 x Online Incident Report Form

1x Employee Media Interview/ Social Media  and Code of Conduct Policy

1x Mobile Patrol Quote Template [with Pricing and Contract Terms]

1x Security Services Client Agreement/Contract Terms [attached to proposal template]

1x Security Services Sub Contractor Agreement



Bonus After Purchase Free Documents
  Business/Master Licenses Application or Security Company
If you are applying for LRD Security Business License, you can also purchase (upon request) ‘ Employer Responsibility’ and ‘Newspaper’ advertisement templates from us for an extra $95
Licensing Application:
Our SOPs and Business Plans have been used by numerous security businesses for Security Licensing in Victoria and around Australia with a 99% success rate.

To learn more about why you need these documents and their uses, please click on this link.

For companies looking to start a security business from scratch. This pack also includes relevant employee, tax, superannuation and human resources management documents, as well as client quote and proposal documents. Documents are in Microsoft Word and easy to edit!
Please email info@securityconcepts.com.au to let us know if you wish to add any extras after purchase.

To post hard copy: $60 extra.

To help you edit these documents based on your specifications: $50 extra.

Extra Request: Please send us an email if you require a customized document combination that we don’t have listed on our shop/packs!

====All documents in this pack are relevant to Overseas and Australian Security Businesses, except where (AU) is listed then that document is only useful to Australia Security Businesses====

See Our FAQ Security Firms Compliance Documents



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