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Personal Home Security Guards | Tips to Protect Your Home


Personal home security guards. For over 3 years in Melbourne, one of the most dominant topic; on almost every news outlet, have been a home invasion .’ Being a security guard company in Melbourne, its been a concerning issue for us.

As a Melbourne Security Company; we thought to write something important; a content that will reflect the experience I  gained over the years working in the Victorian security Industry or even Australia at large. So, I have decided to come up with some simple but effective practical tips. These vital tips will help a few individuals/families, to protect their homes from home invasion.

Take note, as a professional security company in Australia, we will only share, legal and easy to implement home security tips. These home invasions security tips have been tried and tested, and it works!


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I have also attached some important links, videos and information that will help you understand, the home invasion situation better.

Personal home security guards : Community Responsibility

As you will later learn, we are not just a security company looking secure clients business; but we believe in giving free home security tips, like what we have outlined in this blog as part of our corporate and social responsibility. To help as many Melbourne residents not to be victims of a home invasion. Or should I say, share security tips to protect from a home invasion in Melbourne?

Personal home security guards | Home Invasion?

Another legal term for a home invasion is called ‘burglary: where the offender breaks into your home intending to steal.’ But one of the most concerning for a lot of Melbournian is called ‘aggravated burglary: which is when the offender breaks into your home with weapons, they come to steal, but also to intimidate and possibly cause harm to the homeowners.’

Why has ‘aggravated burglary’ become such a hot topic in the last couple of years in Australia? Well, aggravated burglary isn’t a new crime in Australia or Melbourne; but one of the main reason it’s got recent massive public attention has got to do with some teenagers from Australian-South Sudanese community getting involved in such crimes.

Australia has got a very vibrant media, and with the involvement of migrant background teenage thugs in this violent crime; it has made the media to be more interested in reporting such news consistently compared to other crimes.

Now, the aim of this blog is not to defend or water down the actions of these criminals; but my goal is to give you some insights that could help reduce a lot of fear in our community and increase the public awareness to better home security tactics.

Please check this Link for news on an aggravated home invasion in Melbourne by people of non-South Sudanese background; there’s many home invasion committed by people of non-South Sudanese-Australian origin. But such home invasion news would not cause as much reaction from the public, then when it is someone from South Sudanese background. So, the focus of the Media is on content and news that will create public responses- that is why you might find burglary or aggravated burglary news more on the news these days.


As I already mentioned, this blog is not a platform to defend criminals, but an article to help property owners/tenants protect their home’s from being broken into or invaded in Melbourne. But before you safeguard your home from criminals, or go straight into safety tips; I purposely tried as much as I could to explain things out that will break the grip of fear over the reader’s mind.

Make no mistake that aggravated home invasion news is real in Melbourne, but compared from 2016-2018, the number of aggravated home invasion stats have fallen according to Crime statistics Victoria; please check this Link from Government crime statistics.

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  Personal home security guards : Residential Security Tips

Residential Address

It is sad that this ‘residential address location’ will be included as a part of my security tips against the home invasion! But from my experience in the security industry in Australia, I have come to realise that certain suburbs in our states/territory do have a higher number of specific crimes recorded in them.

The location of your home or the postcode could sometimes determine the likelihood of your home being broken into.

Before buying or renting a house, make sure you do a security risk check or study of the suburb you are planning on moving to. You could do a simple Google search, or a search on the crime statistics website of your state/ territory and see the security and crime report of that suburb or state that you are moving to.

Take for example; you are more likely to have criminals in a suburb of a state that has a high unemployment rate, a suburb with a high proportion of people on Centrelink/welfare, or a suburb with a high percentage of people dependant on drugs. Compared to a suburb that most of its residents are business owners, chief executives etc.

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CCTV cameras at residential property importance cannot be overexpressed; it does not only act as a device to capture footage of criminals and crime; it also serves as a deterrent against burglars.

From my security experience, properties with CCTV Cameras (fully working or dud) is less likely to be home invaded or broken into, than households with no CCTV cameras.

Like I have written in my previous blog post; I have had the privilege of working in a significant business CCTV control room, and I have seen the reactions and body language of criminals when they notice a CCTV camera around. A good number of would-be criminals would prefer to break into a house that has no CCTV cameras, then a property that has Cameras. Why is that so? Because some of these home invaders are on parole, and they would not like to be caught and sent back to prison or get increased time in jail.

So, my advice is, install CCTV cameras around your home and make sure the cameras are mounted in an open space that all passers-by can see it, also make sure the CCTV capture’s any blind spots around your property.

Sensor Lightings

It is essential to improve the security of your property, and that your home is well lit. And if possible, make sure you install a good motion sensor lighting system. Such a system has a dual purpose; one of such is, of course, to light up your home, and to also act as a security deterrent against intruders or would be home invaders at night when activated.


Displaying good signage at the front of your property is a classic way of deterring would be home invaders. Some of these signage goes like this ‘AYZ security protects this property, or Security cameras are monitoring this property.’

But other homeowners have even become more creative, and aggressive in their approach to home security signage. Take these good examples ‘Before you break into this property, make sure you have a will written down.’ Others may have something like this, ‘I am a member of the Rifle Association, so make sure you visit this property with good Intentions!’

And I will say, a lot of this signage do send a phycological message to any would-be home-invader, and they are most likely going to avoid your property.

Guard Dogs

Yes, what can we all do without’ mans best friend?’  Acquire a pleasant and well-trained dog to guard your property, If you perceive your home or neighbourhood would be a likely target for burglars.

Well trained guard dogs are loyal to their owners but will do anything to protect its owner and loved ones from any intruder. They also act as an excellent deterrent, because most criminals would not break into a property that has crazy guard dogs.

Perhaps my favourite; getting guards dogs against home invasion in Melbourne. And one of my favourite guard dogs is the ‘Caucasian shepherd,’ they have got a very long dog life span. And they are a very loyal and giant dog breed around.

Though there are only a few breeders of a Caucasian shepherd in Australia, if you are not sure what breed of a guard dog to purchase, please check this blog from, and you could decide on what ‘ mans best friend to go for.’

Car Parking

A lot of homes become an easy target for a home invasion in Melbourne because the criminals study the occupant’s property, movement, and what model of cars they drive. At the height of home invasion reporting in Melbourne; the trend, the home invaders were targeting homes with high-end luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW etc.

That is why you may need an adequately secured car park, or garage at your property to park your luxury car undercover. You can choose to park the old, or other cheap cars on the driveway, but make sure the expensive luxury car is parked in an undercover car park so as not to draw unwanted attention from criminals.

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