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personal home security guards

Please find a Link of news of stolen BMW  during a home invasion in Melbourne.

Security Doors

According to Victorian crime statistics, most residential break-in happens via the front doors. That is why you must pay more attention to the kind of doors you have in your property.

Here are some questions for your home doors. Is your property doors strong enough? Does your secured entry fit with the profile of your suburb? Would the doors at your home be robust enough to stand against crow-bars? From my experience as a property security guard in Melbourne, most would be property, or home invaders use crowbars to break doors open.

If you are not sure of the durability and the strength of your property doors, then I will advise you to check with and see what options, they have for you.

 Licensed Security Guards

Personal home Security Guard

Hiring residential or personal home security guards Melbourne to look after your property may be an option to consider. Such property or personal home security guards could be engaged at a certain hour of the day or days of the week. You could also go with the option of hiring a security guard company in Melbourne that does residential mobile patrols, to add your property in their nightly patrol runs.

If you are in immediate danger of being home invaded, I will advise you to ring ‘000’ straight away and make a report. Also, you could choose to hire armed residential security guards in Melbourne to protect your home.

The option of residential or personal home security guards company in Melbourne may not come cheap, but it is an effective deterrent, and effective security tactics to protect your home and family from criminals.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Please feel free to share or ask any questions. Like I mentioned at the start of the blog. Security Concepts Services is a security guard company in Melbourne that offers security guards for hire, security guard services in Melbourne Australia.

Below are some of the security services we provide:

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  • Event Security Company Melbourne

Home invasion is a crime that everyone should be concerned about. Our homes are a place of rest, where good memories are made, and other times where life is been created. After a long day of work, travel and attending to our busy life schedule; we always look forward to coming home and spend time with family and loved ones!

Home is where love and comfort it; so nobody house should be invaded, take a precautionary step to protect your home.

Security Concepts Services also offer a unique ‘online fraud prevention consultant services in Melbourne.’ We make sure no Australian businesses and individuals get scammed, while engaged in a business activity or online relationship with companies or individuals in Africa. We are experts in online fraud and scam prevention and our agents in a few African countries will be on the ground to investigate, vet and do a background check on the companies or individual you are in dealing with, and then give our clients a comprehensive report/advise about the company or individual.

Also, check out our latest security book, SECURITY ADVENTURE SERVICE on Amazon; it’s a great resource to improve your security awareness.

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