Important Tips To Consider Before You Hire Security Companies

I often say, ‘to hire security officers is a simple and straightforward process.’ But I believe there are a few things to consider before you decide on what security companies to go with, what security quotes to settle for, and if you are really getting value for money. This blog today will help break things down and help with insider information on how to contract the best security services provider and get a return on investment (ROI).

Challenging Questions You Might Fac,

There are hundreds, if not thousands. of security guard companies to choose from. I will divide these security companies into three (3) categories: 

  1. Large Scale Security Companies (Above 700 security guards employed)
  2. Medium Scale Security Companies (Between 150 – 700 security officers employed)
  3. Small Scale Security Companies (From 1 to 150 security guards on their books)

Amongst the numerous security companies, it can be confusing to choose a company to go with. You may also wonder about the factors to consider before settling for the best security company for your business, event, or site. You could ask, ‘Should I consider the size of the security company or the number of years they have been in operation, or should I consider the security hires rates which they charge per hour?’ What should you consider before deciding on the right security company to hire or contract security guards from?

Some Answers Before You Hire Security Companies:

Don’t worry, we at Security Concepts Services will help answer some of these critical questions and things to consider before settling for any security company that would handle your contract, or looks after your business or events.

Some of the Things to Consider First:

It depends on whether your search for the security companies is online or maybe through a local business directory, or maybe someone might have recommended a few security services companies. It’s possible that you are considering going through a security tendering process to select the right security services provider. My advice to you is to consider the following factors below before choosing a security company that will manage your business, site, or event security services contract.

Important Factors To Consider

Services they provide: Search online for the security companies online or on the local business directory. Once you’re on the security company website, make sure it’s a company that catches your attention. Then give them a call and get to know what kind of services they provide. Different security companies provide various services (i.e Loss Prevention Officers, Events Security Guards, Corporate Security, Concierge, Cash in Transit, etc.). If you think the company provides the kind of service you are looking for, then do further research like what I have suggested below.

  • Services They Provide
  • Area of Specialisation
  • Company Profile
  • Security Guards Rate & Remuneration
  • Size of the Security Company
  • Certification and Licenses That They Possess
  • Security Company Location
  • Their Public Liability Insurance Cover
  • Security Company Current or Past Clients If Available
  • Google Review of the Company

 Security Companies Niche Area

Area of Specialisation: Now, try to find out through their website or online presence, and see what area of security they specialize in. A lot of security companies offer heaps of services, but often they specialize only in a few. 

For example, company ‘A’ may offer the same amount of services as company ‘B’ but security company ‘A’ specializes in four key areas like, ‘major events security, airport security, and mobile patrol security.’ While security company ‘B’ may specialize in the following key areas; shopping centre security, loss prevention officers, retail security, and control room and monitoring security.

Who To Go With For Your Security Hire

My advice is to go with the security company that specializes in the field and area of security you require for your business or events, as they will be the best security company to look after your business and event with ease. This is because they have the experience and most likely the capability to do so.

Also, see if the security provider ‘niche’ aligns with the kind of security services you require. If not, ask them a few questions and see if they offer bespoke security services. However, always go with the specialist in the niche area you are looking for.

Also, read:

Company Profile: Researching the security company profile is very important before assigning the contract or hire for your business or event. An interesting fact; you may find a big security company that specializes in the area of security that requires security guards, but they may have a very negative reputation and publicity attached to their names. Sometimes it could, as a result of some sharp practices, be failing to deliver the right service to their clients, or constantly having issues with their employees.

A simple Google check on the company can help reveal what kind of reputation they have, or if there is any negative news attached to that particular company. The last thing you want is to hire a security company that has a bad name and that could affect your brand negatively!

If you are still not too sure, get in touch with a local independent security consultant. They can help you do some research on the shortlisted security companies you are considering. Be careful when you hire such consultants, as they could have a vested interest in a particular security company on your list, and they could make decisions based on unconscious bias.[/one_third]

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Security  Companies


Security Guards Rate & Remuneration: Yes saving money is important for businesses, but you have to save money the right way when it comes to security for your business or events because you could save money now and it will later cost you more! Let’s say when you contact multiple security companies, you are likely to get different security hire prices to supply security officers or crowd control for your business or event. Some of the rates will be really high, others could be mid-range, the rest could be super cheap!

I will advise you to be very careful of security guard providers that come with crazy cheap rates. For example, when you have three people offer you the same lollies at the following prices; the first is $7, the second is $2 and the third lolly is $0.50. All the lollies are the same, but the prices are different, and you have more than $80 spare cash with you. I am sure you must ask, why is it that the third lolly costs only $0.50? I am certain that you would be worried about if the lolly is actually good for human consumption, right?

It’s almost the same with the super-cheap security guards rate. I will tell you an industry secret, in Australia every security guard or security officer has a standard rate, set by the Fair Works Commission for Security Guards to be paid, which is in accordance with the day of the week, day or night shift, etc, and also certain benefits the security guards ought to be paid.

So, most of these security companies that offer you a very cheap rate often under remunerate their security officers. That means these security companies are engaging in wage theft. I can assure you, they certainly will provide the client with unsuitable security guards, and sometimes even unlicensed security guards.

Not only that but the low wage they pay the security officers places them in a position that makes them unable to attract experienced and quality security officers to look after the client’s business, site, or events. No right-thinking experienced and licensed security officer will work for less.

Security Manual: This Book Could Help

Please find a book we wrote and learn more about wage theft and how it affects security guards’ performance at clients’ sites and events. Security Adventure Service.

So, when a security company offers you see a crazy and cheap rate, I would suggest that you be careful. The security of your business and event with their right kind of security guards is very important, more important than going for cheap prices alone.

Certification And Licenses They Possess

What I am about to share, is a very important factor to consider before deciding on what security companies are the right ones for your business or events.

Consider this. What kind of management, health, and safety, safe working environment, best practices management plan, and certification do they possess? Most Government organizations and large companies in Australia take serious consideration of the following i.e OHSAS18001, ISO9001 and AS4801, and Best Practice Management System and Certification before they hire security companies through the tender process.

Some security companies already have such certification, and others will acquire the certification once they win the contract. They could also write an undertaking promise to get such certification within a certain period of time after they had won the tender.

The certification and management plan a security company possesses says a lot about its management system, operations, and sometimes standards.

License: Are you aware that there are security companies that operate without a valid security business licensed of their respective state or territories? Yes, it is illegal to operate a security business in Australia without a valid security business license. How do you know if the security company has a valid private security license? Most security companies in Victoria or Australia do have their security business license displayed on their website; if they don’t display it, please request their security business license number. You can also call them or check the website of your State Police or Department of Justice and it will allow you to run the company business names where you can find out about the validity of their security business license. If you are in Victoria, then click here to check.

Public Liability Insurance and Work Cover

Before you give out your security contract to that company, make sure you request a ‘Certificate of Currency’ of their public liability insurance. Also, ask for their ‘Work Cover Certificate.’ If they don’t have a work cover, ask them to give you a timeframe of when they will get one after they have won the security contract or security retainer.

To learn more on how to select the right security company, check out our blog, ‘Security Company: Choose Carefully.

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