Strata Security and Apartment Security Guards: Security Tips

Welcome to our security space on the property, strata security and apartment security guards and residential security services and safety tips. As you read this article, you will learn some simple but profound tips and ideas on how to secure and protect your home or property. We hope you will enjoy the ready!

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We decided to write this article on residential security because residential and property security guards hire is a key area of our specialty.  Here at Security Concepts Services, we do not only provide security guards for residential buildings, but we also offer other consulting, and sub-contracting electronic security advice, recommendations, and services (through our licensed partners).

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Private Resident Security: What You Need

Gatehouse Guards: This mode of security is suitable for a more substantial estate-style residential property just at the entry of the property or estate, and we advise to always have the security officer man the gates on 24/7 rotating shifts.

We also recommend that the entry gates to the property be an automated-entry gate; it will be a good idea if the intercom is installed for ease of communication between inbound driver and the security guard manning the gatehouse.

We also recommend CCTV cameras installed at each gatehouse entry, facing inside the estate and outward; with the CCTV cameras connected to a gatehouse monitor that the security officers can use to keep an eye on all incoming and outgoing vehicles and visitors.

Some residential buildings or estate may require more than one security gatehouse; it depends on the exit and entry arrangement of the estate and how secure you want your resident or estate to be.

If you are not sure about your intending gatehouse security arrangement or plan, I will advise you contact a security consultant, adviser or risk management professional to help with that, also feel free to contact us at Security Concepts Services we will be able to offer you a risk assessment.

Concierge: For high rise buildings, hotels, City apartments etc. Apartment building concierge services-, make sure your residential concierge personnel are trained and licensed security guards. Also make sure the concierge officers are customer service, CCTV monitoring and control room operations trained.

Make sure your property concierge personnel are in-house trained on your access-control technology, fire evacuation, active shooter response and first aid response.

Access Control: For gated residential estate, aged care homes, hotels, private residents and what have you. Having to add access control systems, exit and entry swipe cards, fingerprint or iris identification scanner makes it easier for residents, visitors, contractors to have easy and secure access into the estate, and such technology help in preventing unauthorized entry also.

With the right access control/technology at the entry/exit gate of the estate/property, you may not require the services of permanent gatehouse security guards. But make sure you get the right private resident security company who has the right technology for your house, or residential estate before you go ahead and install the access control technology on your property.

Foot Patrol and Welfare check: Foot patrol security services have been an old trade as farming, foot patrol is indeed a service that never goes out of use despite technological advances in the areas of security and robotics.

Having a physical security officer, whether static or mobile patrol, it is an essential part of residential security. Often before the offender’s strike at a residential building or residential estate, they regularly conduct surveillance beforehand to see how they can have undetected access into your property.

The sight and physical presence of private resident security guards patrolling around the property, or estate is an excellent deterrent for the intending offender/criminal. Physical property security Guards do not just serve as a deterrent, they also offer customer service for visitors, contractors and patrons; assisting them in any way they can.

Physical residential security patrols also help, in detecting and reporting where there might be some unnoticed damage or dangers around the house or residential estate for management or maintenance to fix.

Its up to the residential estate or house owner to decide if they require a man-powered security presence at their property or estate, whether they want such presence 24/7 or at a certain time of the day, but whatever your decision is, remember security guards  presence at your property often serves much more than the purpose you hire them for. So, find a reputable and ethical home security guards company to help protect your property and assets.

Mobile Patrol: Whether in-house mobile patrols or you are using an external security company, you can never go wrong having a mobile patrol service for your residential property or estate. You can strategise the patrol run; for example every 1 hour, or every 3 or 6 hours. Such patrols could commence after office working hours, or at a set start time you deem is best.

Number Plate and Facial Recognition: It might be important to note that number plate and facial recognition technology is one good system to have in your residential estate or house, especially in the car park entries. I will recommend these technologies for a gated residential estate or apartment buildings, as they are useful in detecting suspicious or offending vehicles number plates.  Facial recognition technology is excellent in identifying trespassers, banned individuals, and a signal is sent to a central monitoring station or control room for the security officers to take action.

Alarm Response Services: Before I go further, I will encourage you to check this Link, it’s a Victorian Police Website on Alarm codes. Also, you can review the Australian security Industry association limited (ASIAL) National alarm response guidelines Link. Like I mentioned earlier there are cheaper security services for your property, residential estate or private resident. Alarm response service is one of them, whether its by a third-party security company or your local Police etc.

If you chose to go this way, make sure you seek security expert advice, or reputable security consulting company advice before you go ahead.


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CCTV Cameras and Installation: One of the best ways to provide residential security or body corporate estate security service is to make sure you acquire state-of-the-art CCTV cameras, installed at every corner of your property.

We have seen over the years how having CCTV in a property or business has helped reduce crime, deterring would-be thieves or burglars, and it also allows law enforcement officers to apprehend offenders. Saved footage from CCTV could also be used at the law courts to prosecute offenders and criminals.

Don’t forget having CCTV cameras at your house or residential estate helps reduce home insurance premiums, most insurance companies are confident the owners or managers of the property is taking good security measure to secure their assets.

24 Hour Monitoring: Monitoring of your resident or residential estate, can be done on so many ways and intervals. But today I will be talking about monitoring of your property 24/7. For personal resident. You can decide to install CCTV camera’s, and alarm sensors all-around your property. While also connecting your CCTV, duress, security and fire alarm system to a central monitoring centre (there are companies who offer such service for a fee). Each time there is an alarm or detection of intrusion; the central monitoring centre will dispatch one of their patrol teams, to check your building, and if there is any concern or security breach ‘000’ or local police would be called.

If you have your own resident security guards, makes sure the monitoring centre has got phone access to the on-site security personnel to respond to any emergency and alarm response.

You can also choose to do it cheaper by connecting your CCTV and alarm system to a single computer, phone or tablet of one of the residents who are willing to always remotely monitor the CCTV footage, and respond or call the police to respond.


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