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Security Services SEO content writer. If you are reading this blog, it is possible, you found us by searching ‘ Security SEO content writer Australia,’ or similar keywords. Yes, We are a security and consultancy company in Melbourne, but we also offer consultancy and SEO and SEO content digital marketing services in Australia.

We understand SEO and SEO  content marketing. And we have written blogs that rank on google page 1. Contents in competitive niche industry are never easy to rank on page 1, but we have been able to get them to rank not just on page one, but amongst the top 3 in organic searches on Google and Bing.

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Why SEO Content Writing is Important For Your Business

You might have received heaps of emails from different digital marketing agencies, telling you, how they can Optimize  (SEO) your website for so many keywords. But the reality is, Google algorithm keeps on changing, and what use to be the critical ranking factor yesterday could be redundant today, and that may leave your website traffic tumbling dramatically.

But when you chose to market your business through SEO content writing; then your blogs are sure to significantly rank on SERP for a very long time without being worried about Google Al changes.

What are The Main Reasons Why You Need SEO Blog Content?

There are so many reasons why your website must have SEO blogs or article written on them, and here are a few :

  • Generate Traffic to your websites
  • Increase leads for your business
  • Rank on Google, Bing and Other search engines
  • Shows you are experts in your Industry
  • Makes the client feel comfortable going for your product and service
  • You don’t pay for Google adds, when your contents starts ranking
  • Helps create inbound link for your website as people share your contents[/one_second]


Paid SEO Content Blogger


Blogs or Articles are priceless; a single blog could rank your website high on Google page 1 organic search and also improve your Google local three pack rank.

Monetization: With a well created,keyword-laden content, it will significantly rank your website,  thereby increasing traffic and revenue.

With excellent contents on your website, the more you are likely to rank for multiple keywords and drive traffic to your website and make more money.


Content is king, in SEO. A lot of ‘ SEO experts’ may not tell you that, and sometimes it’s because creating industry leading SEO contents and blogs is not their key strength. The aim is to allow your website to have outstanding, informative blogs; that is technically written, and adding relevant keywords.


What We Offer For Your SEO CONTENT and Writing Services

Keyword Research: We carefully research high ranking – long tail keywords and in your industry. We also examine your business space, competitors, and see whats the best SEO content you need at every season.

URL/Permalink/SLUG: We will also help to write Google specific URL links that will help you rank

Headers and Titles: We can also write inviting and keyworded Titles headers for your blogs. And we are open for you to bring topics you want us to write on.

Meta tag Snippets: We will also help to write the Meta Tag description; using our expertise to add the right keywords while at the same time making it inviting for clicks.

Back Links: We will use our tested and proving SEO content writing strategy to create internal and external links in your blog. And with good content designed for your blog, over time, you could be able to get inbound links through those blogs being shared and quoted.

Editing: Take note, we specialise on ‘ creative SEO writing and technical SEO writing,’ the aim is to create engaging blogs/articles, and at the same time blogs that will get your business to rank for relevant industry keywords and generate traffic and make you money.


So, we will edit your content multiple times, but remember the content is written for the following purpose:

  1. Get your website to rank for competitive keywords
  2. Drive traffic to your page
  3. Create leads and conversion
  4. Educate the readers

Security Company SEO and Marketing

If you require SEO for your security company or SEO for your security business, please get in touch with us today. We are security Guards and Consulting Business, we have proven results for SEO and SEO marketing contents.


We can also do SEO for other industries aside from security.


Security Companies Start-Up Documents

We have for sale the following documents, and they are standard documents that will meet security lines regulatory agencies standards, please send us an email.

  1. Security Company Business Plan For Security Companies
  2. Security Company Site Operating Procedures (SOP for Security Companies)

We specialise in the following area of blog writing and SEO writing. But, we can also write in other areas not listed here, just send us an email and  ask if we can write for your Industry:

Examples of our client blogs “Venue Hire Melbourne”

  • Events and Parties Industry SEO content writing
  • Retail SEO content writing
  • Security and safety SEO content writing
  • Festivals SEO content writing
  • Community and culture SEO content writing
  • Travel and tours SEO content writing
  • Restaurants SEO content writer
  • Venue hire services SEO blog writer
  • Functions venue SEO blog writer
SEO Content/Blogs Writing Prices:
  Number of Words Price  Additions
         350 -500 words  $52 We can help you source pictures and post the content on your website, for an extra fee
         500 -750 words  $95                                 ” ” “
         750 -1250 words  $140                                  ” ” “
        1250 -1800 words  $175                                 ” ” “
        1800 -2350 words  $195                                  ” ” “
        2350 -3500 words  $225                                  ” ” “


Package Deals

We also offer monthly or quarterly package deals, at a discounted rate.

Why Go With us For PAID Security Services SEO Blog Writing?

Most people know how to write, but not everyone understands SEO writing or can write great SEO blogs/content that will rank, but we know how to. I also mentioned earlier, the monetary value of a high-ranking SEO blog is priceless!

Mind you, we are writers, that run our own business. That means it becomes easy for us to comprehend our client’s content digital marketing needs and meet them.

We also have published our own book, and we have written insightful, educative, and excellent content that rank on Google.


 A Few Examples of our Blogs  That Rank on  Bing and Google Page 1:

So, when you go with us, we will help create Security Services SEO Contents blogs; contents that will organically drive traffic to your website.

Remember, contents take time to rank (3-4 months) sometimes it may be less, depending on your industry. And the more words and interesting your SEO content is, the more likely it will rank high on Search Engine Results Page (SERP).


We also offer the Following Services:

  1. SEO on-page optimisation service Melbourne
  2. Google Add (pay per click) Set-up and Optimisation Service Melbourne
  3. How to start my own security company start-up consultancy
  4. Security Enterprise Agreement: Security Business EBA Why You May Need It Services

To find out more about our other services, please explore our websites and learn more about Security Concepts Services.

DIY Tender Writing Documents and Management Plant System
DIY Tender Writing: If you are looking to write your own tender submission to win a security contract, then our ‘DIY Tender Writing Pack’ is the ideal Pack for you.


Management Plan: If you are also looking to buy  Quality, Environment, OH& S Management Plan Systems for your Security, Cleaning, or other industry, please visit our shop below and see documents we have on offer to help take your business to the next level!

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