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Do you want to be a security guard or crowd controller and you are looking for a good book that focuses on telling you of what it takes to be a security guard, the advantages of being a security guard? Being reading this important book, you will have a better idea what to expect in the Security Industry or how to be a fantastic Security Officer, Loss Prevention Officer and Crowd Controller. Well this book am offering you has been written by a season security professional, many years of industry and life experience that you can’t find anywhere else all put together into a book.

Security Officer Manual | Informative

The information contained in this book ‘SECURITY|ADVENTURE|SERVICE’ has been tried and tested before, and it has helped others become better in their jobs or even made them a better around person.

This book SECURITY|ADVENTURE|SERVICE, is a well-crafted book filled with information, materials that make reading very interesting and you will also laugh out loud.

Are you a retail Industry professional, or business owner or manager wanting to find a book that would help you increase your security awareness and understand the mindset of the offender or criminal, or perhaps you are just an individual who’s got lots of interest in improving their Security, I will recommend this book?

Learn More About The Advantages of Being a Security Guard in This Book

This Book discusses a variety of scenarios while using real-life stories and incidents. You will also increase your knowledge and general approach when confronting an offender. There are lots of interesting chapters that aims to educate you on new methods on dealing with conflict, and how to react when faced with a dangerous situation.

It is an eye-opening book that gives you a glimpse into the lives and schemes of criminals, and how professional security guards work hard to keep businesses, retail stores, shopping centre and customers safe, while also sending the bad guys to jail through a good working relationship with the Police.


Like I said before the author of this book-Job Moses, has been featured on magazine, showed on active duty on TV, also the author is a security company owner in Melbourne, motivational and Public speaker and available to help coach your staff, management, students on how to improve their security skills, surrounding or security officers.

If you are already a security officer in the Industry and want to find a good security officer book, Good security guards manual, with great stories and tips to improve your game, this is the right Book for you.


Security Officer Manual | Highly Recommended

If you are a security company owner or manager, security training school owner or manager and you want to find great material to train, induction or coach your employees and students I will suggest you get a free copy of this Book on, Google Play Books, Apple iBooks.  Have a read, and see if indeed it will be a suitable material to help improve the knowledge, skills of your security guards/officers or Students.

I can guarantee you it will, but don’t take my word for it, try the free copy and if you are happy with what you read, contact Security Concepts Services through this Link, and we can offer you a great manufacturers discount for bulk orders. We are confident in the content of this book, that is why we recommend this book not just to the security industry, but also law enforcement agencies, to help train recruits and be part of their officer’s training manuals or extra officers training materials.

The author (Job Moses) is open for public speaking engagement, discuss book review, interviews, bookings and possible editions design to suit your company, school or country standards.

Security Officer Manual | Our Reputation

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If you are not fully convinced if being a Security Officer is for you? Please get a copy of this Book ‘Security Adventure Service’ it was recently written by a Security Officer, and it contains practical every day true stories, encounters and duties that a Typical Security Guard goes through every day. After reading this book, it will help you make a better decision of whether being a Security Officer is the right career move for you.


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