Best Idea to Start a Security Guards Hire Company 2021

Security Guards Hire Company is one of the easiest businesses to start with little capital. So, today I will be sharing with important hack of ‘ security company ideas.‘ Or in other words best idea to start your own security guards hire company and make good money!

So many individuals search on ‘how to start a security guards hire company,’ daily without having an idea whether they want a big security guard hire firm or a small one.

At Security Concepts Services Pty Ltd, we have written extensively on starting security guards hire company such as the following blogs below:

As you read this article you will realise that our primary purpose is; to show you how you can start as a small security guard hire company that will generate passive income for you.

In other words, you can start a small security guard hire company without quitting your full-time employment; whether you are currently working as a security officer for another security company or you are not even employed in the security industry.

How to go About It

Register a Company: First thing to do is to register a company with your state or country company registration authority.

Register for Tax: Ensure your newly registered security guard hire company is also registered for VAT, GST or whatever your country services tax is called.

Insurance: Make sure you get the appropriate insurance [i.e. public liability, workers insurance, indemnity insurance or income insurance.] Note, only procure the insurance that is needed for your security guard services business and use an expert security guard insurance services broker for a cheaper quote.

Apply for Security Business License: ensure you do a proper research on the appropriate license you will be required to have in your state or country before you commence operations.

Work Force Management Software: subscribe to an affordable rostering and workforce management software to help manage your employees and record, like iStaff Manager.

Training Manuals and Operating Procedures: ensure you have employee training manuals and security operating procedures (SOP) for your employee’s, please check our SHOP to purchase already made SOP’s and Security Training Manuals

How Does Passive Income Security Guards Hire Company Works?

The Goal: Your ultimate goal should be; to run a licensed security guard hire company on a small scale that you are able to manage whilst still holding full-time employment elsewhere.

Passive Earning: that means this model of security firm should be able to attract small scale work like the following:

  • Venue Security Services
  • Night Club Security Bouncer Services
  • Birthday Party Security Crowd Controllers
  • Private Event Security Guards

You see, once your business is focused on targeting the above and let’s say your fulltime working hours is Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm; you are likely to be free and available most weekends, and the above-mentioned security services mainly attract weekend bookings-jobs.

Take note; your clients are likely to book for weekend security guards during weekdays, but that gives you the opportunity to do extra work over the weekend at your client events or venues and earn regular extra income.

Employment: even though your goal is to make passive income in a small-scale security guard hire setting; you are likely to get venues and events that require you to supply up to more than 3x security guards at a time. That means the greater number of security officers you supply to your client; your earning potential is likely to grow vertically.

Retainer: I want you to know that some venues or clients might retain your security firm to provide week in- week-out security officers for their site, events on a yearly or biennially contracted basis.

The Secret of Starting Small

 One of the key advantages of starting small is:

  • Minimal capital to start
  • Less overhead cost and that keeps your pricing low
  • You attract a lot of small-scale events jobs because most medium and large companies won’t bother about such
  • Your client often gets value for money because when the owner is directly involved in working for the client, they often go above and beyond to give the client value for money.
  • You control your business growth at your own pace.
  • You work at your own time and choosing.
  • You gain good experience and decide if you want to go big.
  • Gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about managing a business and you can add this experience in your resume and apply for higher-paying regular jobs if you chose to


Never Lose Sight : never lose sight of your initial goal which was; ‘ to create a small scale security services  guard hire, that provides you an extra income on your day-off from your regular employment.’ If other opportunities happen to come such, as employing others and retainer contracts; then know it’s just an extra bonus income!


See this example; Pepe works as a security officer for ‘ZPS Security Operatives’. His working hours are Monday to Thurs 8 am-5 pm every week. But Pepe also owns a small-scale security guard hire firm that focuses on providing security officers for private parties and nightclubs during the weekend.

Regular Employment Earnings: Pepe earns $47,000 per annum from his regular security employment.

Passive Income Earnings: Pepe earns an extra $700 per week from his side security guard hire firm because he also employs 2x other casual regular weekend security guards. Now you do the maths and see what Pepe is likely to earn from his regular employment and passive income stream per annum!

You Also Need the Following To Succeed in This

  1. Website: ensure you have a very good but simple website that instantly sells your security guard services to your client
  2. SEO: ensure you invest your time or get an expert to optimize your website and social media pages, so your website can at least come up on local Google or social media searches.
  3. GMB: create a Google My Business Account.

To learn more about how to do Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your security company website, please read the following article below:


Starting small in business seems not to be popular with most people these days, but one of the greatest businesses in the world started from a very convenient small beginning:

  1. Amazon: started as a second-hand bookselling business
  2. Facebook started as a social media for students in Harvard University.
  3. Macdonald started as a little restaurant in their local community.

So never despise the idea of starting a security guard hire company from very humble beginnings; I believe it’s actually one of the best ways to start and manage a security company and later you can decide whether its time to grow it big, get partners or even sell your security services firm at a good profit!

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