Reliable Melbourne Security Guard Subcontractor Victoria


Looking for a reliable security guard sub-contractor in Melbourne Victoria?

Look no further, you have found the right security company sub-contractor in Victoria.

Security Concepts Services is a licensed security guard business in Victoria that offers sub-contracting services. Started operating since August 2018 as a sole trader and Corporate Company as of August 2020. We are a trustworthy security services company that offer’s sub-contracting services to  interstate or local business looking to sub-contract their security services.

Why should use our security-sub contracting services?
  1. We Pay Correctly: We pay all our staff on the books under the security services award 2020; this means, we are clean, transparent and we do not practice wage theft that is likely to bring bad PR for your business or client sites.
  2. Large Staff Pool: We have over 1000, licensed and experienced security guards in our system that we can deploy to your client site
  3. Unbranded Security Uniforms: We have unbranded “security uniforms” that our staff can use at your client site without compromising your brand. We sell unforms for a living!
  4. We are Ethical: We are ethical meaning; we will respect your client and your contract without doing any under-hand tactics to take your contract from you. We are loyal!
  5. Attend Site on Your Behalf: We have management and supervisory staff that can attend to your site, clients without charging you anything extra: We will do this on your behalf of company never using our company name- so you can fill represented at your client site or in Victoria
  6. Compliance documents: we have all the necessary, compliance, training and standard operating documents required to deliver excellent staff and service at your client site. We create such documents for a living.
  7. Reliable Staff and Good Brand: we are a trusted brand in the security industry in Victoria, and most of our licensed security staff are our fan’s because we have looked after them for 5 years; this means your site and contracts will have reliable and effective security staff.

Top 1% security services Firm Australia

Security Concepts Services is a family business and owned by Australian couple who have worked for combined 20 years + in HR, Security and Business Management.

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We are passionate about security guard hire services and we are hoping we can find the right company we can collaborate with, by offering our sub-contracting security guard services in Melbourne Victoria.

Key area of our expertise:
  1. Retail Security Guards Services
  2. Facility Management Security Services
  3. Event Security and Crowd Control Services
  4. Warehouse Guards Services
  5. Factory Security Services
  6. Hospital and Allied Health Security Guard Services
  7. Security Concierge Services
  8. And others

Melbourne Bodyguard Companies 08/03/2021. Photo by Luke Hemer

Please contact us today, if you would like to speak to us about security sub-contracting opportunities you are looking to sub-contract to another security guard provider:


Phone: 1300 989 044


Written: Job Moses