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Do you require security officers for Events, Parties or Private Functions? You are in the right place; we carefully select the security guards that we assign for our client’s event or parties. We also make sure they are retrained in our uniquely designed Events and Parties Security Training (Online) every 3 months.


What sets Security Concepts Services apart from other security companies in Melbourne? We have a Management team that is one of the best in the area of security guards and event management in Australia. We also have a minimal overhead cost, and our business is focused on delivering our services to all our clients based on our ethical values.

Every security officer we provide for your business or events are well looked after; they are paid based on the Australian standard security guards industry award rate.

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We are a security company that takes the safety and management of our client’s event, business or private security needs seriously. So, that is why we make sure all our security guards are rightly renumerated so they can look after our client’s assets and premises giving 100% commitment and dedication!

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Our Security Guard Services

School Security Guards: School security guard hire is one of the areas of our speciality, whether it is a school event, threats from known or unknown persons or group, we can supply security guards within a short notice period of 30 minutes – 1 hour to look after your school security needs. We can also supply school security guards who have got Working With Children Check. Our school security guards will be deployed based on School principal and management request.

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We also supply school security mobile patrol services; during school hours security guards, school holidays security guards, or anti-bullying school security guards.

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Retail Loss Prevention: Is your retail store going through a lot of shrinkage and loss of merchandise? We can supply plain clothes loss prevention officers or uninformed loss prevention officers; we can also deploy uniform retail security guards, to help your store reduce shoplifting to the barest minimum.

We are specialist in retail security services, we also specialise in retail loss prevention services, and we can supply your retail store with licensed and experienced loss prevention officers to do the job for you, and the issue of theft and shoplifting at your store or business will be brought to the barest minimum.

For more security tips, you can check this link on how to put a loss prevention plan for your store.

Loss prevention officers in Melbourne or loss prevention companies in Melbourne are so many, but what stands us out among the rest, is our expertise in retail loss prevention and retail security guards; we have written a book called Security Adventure Service that helps retail employees, and security guards improve their security awareness and technique, especially in the retail setting. We are also an ethical security guard company in Melbourne, an ethical retail loss prevention company in Melbourne that does exactly what our client pays us to do.

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[one_second]Shopping Centre Security: When we talk about shopping centre security to be one of our areas of expertise, we are not trying just to win new clients; but we are trying to make the client understand- they are dealing with a security guard company that specialises in the shopping centre security. And when you give us the contract of your shopping centre security, that you are letting the best handle your security needs, and you can go home and sleep with your two eyes closed!

Our team of specially trained and highly experienced retail security guards and retail security supervisors will look after your shopping centre. Our retail security guards are well trained and experienced in customer service, conflict de-escalation technique.

We will also supply retail security guards, shopping centre security guards that are well suited to the profile of your shopping centre. Retail security guards who will also assist the marketing and retail team of the centre management, in doing other tasks outside retail security, i.e. like casual leasing set-up.

Expert retail shopping centre security, specialist shopping centre security guards company or best shopping centre security guards company in Melbourne; if such needs come up, then think of security concepts services. We are confident we can assemble the best retail shopping centre security guards team for your shopping centre.

Corporate Security: Corporate security guards for corporate meetings, security guards for corporate office events, security guards for corporate functions; security concepts services can supply neatly dressed, well-spoken and licensed corporate security guards for your office building, office events or any other corporate events. If your request is for the corporate security officers to be dressed in black and white suits, or our unique security guard uniform, we are happy to do as per the client request.

But we will make sure we deploy the right corporate security guards that will fit in with your corporate image. We also supply corporate concierge security personnel or concierge personnel.

Event Security Guards: Major events security guards, music festival security guards, Christmas carol security guards, community festivals security guards, school festivals security guards, end of the year party security guards, end of the year office party security guards, gala ball security guards, graduation party security guards, sporting events security guards, sporting venue security guards, sporting stadium security guards please contact us.

For outdoor event and festival security guards, crowd control hire, please email us and request our Event and Festival Management Plan and Rates.


Festivals Security Services

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Whatever your need for event security guards in Melbourne, Security Concepts Services can supply the right number of event security guards for your event. We can also do a free risk assessment to determine the exact number of event security guards you might require for your events or functions.

Our security guards rates are affordable, and we will supply experienced events security supervisors, licensed and well trained in first aid to manage your events.

Private Functions Security: VIP private functions security, private corporate functions security, functions venue security guards, public functions security guards; whatever event or functions you are hosting- security concepts services can provide private functions security guard for your event at an affordable rate. Our private functions security officers are highly experienced and also trained in customer service and engagement.

Our private functions security guards will look after your functions or functions venue, whether it is one-of events, or you want us to be a long term security partner for your functions venue.

Wedding functions security, wedding reception security, birthday party security, retirement party security guards. We can supply them all.

Construction Site Security Guards: Are you commencing a construction project and you are worried about your constructions equipment; or are you a construction company or contractor and you have suffered the loss of your constructions equipment at your sites in the past?

You can follow this link to learn how to prevent theft and construction sites.

We supply constructions security guards in Melbourne, Construction Mobile Patrol security guards in Melbourne, Construction overnight security guards in Melbourne, Construction security officers in Melbourne.

We are a construction security guard company in Melbourne that can supply our clients with dedicated, well trained and licensed construction security guards for your construction site. A construction security guard who are alert and their presence at your construction site will reduce and ultimately eliminate any loss of construction materials and equipment.

You can also check this blog on the high cost of construction theft and learn more.

Security Guards: We provide security guards, for all occasions, events security Melbourne, private security guards Melbourne, asset protection Melbourne, residential security Melbourne or all business security guards Melbourne. We also provide mobile security patrol that covers the western suburb of Melbourne.

Melbourne Security Company: Conclusion

We are an ethical Melbourne security company. Our famous slogan is ‘Secured Right.’ We believe; to deliver a professional and outstanding security service to our clients, we must first be ethical and sincere in our approach.

And it starts by keeping to our words, providing the client with the best-licensed security guards. Security officers that will fit in with our clients, business, events, vision and brand.

As an ethical Melbourne security company; profit is not our primary focus, our priority is to understand our client’s needs. And deliver the best possible security solutions for our clients, and after our client is satisfied, then we can look to cover our cost!

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To speak to one of our Managers concerning security guards hire and crowd control hire please call 1300 044 989 or email:

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