Our FAQ Security Firms Compliance Documents Shop

Our FAQ Security Firms Compliance Documents Shop

Questions Answers
 Can I swap around some of the items not included in a Pack but otherwise listed on your website?


You can choose any particular Pack, i.e. ‘0129’, and then ask for customization-swapping the documents and any other documents. Take note; we might charge extra for any documents exchange of higher value
Do you sell generic documentation to everyone buying this package, or you’d tailor them to client requirements?


Yes, our documents are generic, subject to the purchaser updating, editing, and modifying them to meet their exact business specification, services, or purpose they intend to use it for. We can also do the above-mentioned for an extra fee.
How often do we update our documents? We do update a lot of our documents every few months; to meet current industry trends or specifications or clients’ requirements.
Are we going to have any issues using these documents for tenders because other companies might be using them too? For Compliance documents, such as SOP, Management Plan, Training Manual- you will not have any issues.

We encourage the purchaser to re-update or design the templates to be in their business specification, colors, and services wording so they can stand out from other businesses.

We can help you do so charge extra for our services.

Licensing, are we going to have any Issues with Security Master-Business Licensing because other businesses are using similar documents? No, you won’t have any issues with our documents for security business licensing purpose if you do the following:

1.        Ensure documents are edited and updated with your company details.

2.        Ensure you purchase the right documents for your application [ask us via phone 1300 044 989 or email info@securityconcepts.com.au] if you are unsure

3.        Ensure you add the exact services you are applying for licensing in the documents

–          Note; If you are applying for a security master-business license and your application was paused-declined due to our documents, we will rectify and fix the issue with our documents until your application is accepted.

Note; many businesses rely on our Security Firms Compliance documents for their license applications.


Thirdly, once we buy this package, will this include any post-purchase product support? If yes, what kind. 


We offer post-purchase support service in the following areas:

–          If you are applying for a security master-business license and your application was paused-declined due to our documents, we will rectify and fix the issue with the documents until your application is accepted.

–          We offer editing and updating, re-designing service for any documents you purchase from us, but we charge an extra fee for that

Is there going to be copyright issues? No, there won’t be copyright issues; 98% + of the documents-rights are owned by Security Concepts Services Pty Ltd. So, our clients have ‘user rights’; except for any documents that have ‘free’ listed on it. Such ‘free documents’ belongs to third parties, and we are only offering them free of no cost, and we don’t sell such documents on their own.
Can I re-sell the documents I purchase from you? No, you can. Security Concepts Services Pty Ltd holds exclusive and commercial rights to these documents. The purchaser or client only holds user rights.
What is ‘user rights’? A ‘user rights’ is when the purchaser only purchase the documents to use for private or on their personal business and not for a commercial purpose [i.e. re-selling, re-using it for your clients, re-using it for a subscription-based service, or re-sharing it with others persons or businesses that is not yours for a fee or free]
How do I get exclusive rights to these documents? Contact us at info@securityconcepts.com.au, and we have the following rights available:

1.       Exclusive rights – you now own the sole rights to the documents, and you can do as you please with it, and we won’t have the same document on our shop or archive

2.       Shared limited rights– You own limited or shared rights to the documents for a specific period of time or years, or certain regions, or countries [further terms of these rights will be expantiated]

How do I get the documents when I purchase them? Once you purchase the documents, you get to download the files immediately.
Are these documents editable? Yes, 97% of our documents are in Microsoft word, which means you can edit them anytime you want.
Do you offer a ‘Bespoke-Documents’ creating service? Yes, we offer bespoke documents creating service for any business. Contact us at info@securityconcepts.com.au for a quote
Can these documents be used in other countries aside from Australia Yes, we have clients from overseas countries who have purchased our documents for use in their security firms.

Note; the documents are mostly in Microsoft word; you can easily edit and update them to meet your country or business specifications

What is your refund policy? Yes, we offer a refund for the following reason only:

1.       When a client double purchases a documents

2.      Document was declined for licensing after we had tried to rectified the first defect-with evidence

Please see our Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Policy for more information.