Security Enterprise Agreement: Security EBA Why You May Need It

Security Enterprise Agreement… Planning to start a security firm in Australia? Indeed, this is a brilliant business idea that can help you gain financial stability and contribute positively to the country’s economy. According to Fair Work Ombudsman, Australia’s security industry generates approximately $6 billion in revenue annually, and more than 54,000 people work in the industry.

Another study by indicates that between 2021-2025, Australia’s security industry is expected to grow by 9.9%. Based on these facts, it is clear that this is the right time to start a security firm.

For you to run a successful and competitive security services company in Australia, there is a high chance that you might need more than just the Security Industry Award as Pay and Entitlement Instruments for your security employees.

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You will also need a high-quality Security Enterprise Agreement (EBA) that is beneficial to your employees, clients, and business. A security guard Enterprise Agreement that has been created to keep your business competitive, provides more job prospects for your employees and offers them fluid and better wages.

The Australian Government has worked smart to create a robust process that allows new security firms to get accredited within the shortest time possible. Here is everything that you need to know about this agreement.

What is an Enterprise Agreement?

An Enterprise Agreement is a legally abiding document that maps out the agreed terms and conditions between the employer and the employees. The agreement helps to promote productivity and foster industrial harmony in the security company.

Here is a brief overview of the primary details that are included in the agreement:

  • How the agreement will become functional/operate
  • Terms and condition governing the relationship between the security firm and the employees
  • Exact wages and entitlement of the employee
  • Relationship of the enterprise agreement and the Award
  • National Employment Standards (NES) incorporated into the Security EBA
  • Dispute resolution mechanism between employee and employer
  • Deductions from wages as authorized by an employee
  • Relationship between the employer and employee organisations such as a trade union


Types of Security Enterprise Agreements


There are three main types of enterprise agreements, namely:

  1. Single Enterprise Agreement
  2. Multi-Enterprise Agreement
  3. Greenfield Enterprise Agreement

Single Enterprise Agreement

Simply put, this is an agreement between one or more single interest employers and the employees working in the security firm. The document details cover only security personnel working in the firm when the agreement is created and made official.

Who are single interest employers? This is one of the most common questions that we get from clients. Single interest employers are parties who are;

  • In a legally recognized joint venture
  • In a related or linked corporation
  • In a common enterprise
  • Recognized as single interest employers by the Australian Government Fair Work Commission

Multi-Enterprise Agreement

As the name suggests, this is a mutual agreement signed by two or more employers and the employees working in the security firm. Unlike the single-enterprise agreement, the employers, in this case, are not all single interest employers.

Greenfields Enterprise Agreement

Greenfields Enterprise Agreement is created when an employer or related employers acquire a new enterprise. It is made before any employees are hired to work for the new enterprise. The parties involved are the employer/s and the employees’ trade union or any other association that supports employees’ rights.



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Benefits of Enterprise Agreement for Security Companies


The Enterprise Agreement ensures the sustainability of the security companies despite the cut-throat competition. It achieves this objective by making it possible for the companies to:

  • Generate precise quotes when signing contracts with the business since they already know the projected 4-year labour costs
  • Establish a flexible workforce that is well remunerated
  • Prove to potential clients that the firm is keen on ensuring employees interests are not violated


Benefits of Enterprise Agreement for Security Employees


The main objective of creating an enterprise agreement is to not only cover the interests of the security firm and but also ensure the security personnel hired work in a conducive environment.

Below are the benefits:

  • Lays a foundation for the collective bargaining process
  • Robust and fairways of resolving employees’ grievances
  • Steer conflict resolution process
  • Clearly describes the job classifications and roles
  • Provide Better Off Overall (See BOOT) benefit and remuneration for employees



An employer should never make a security Enterprise Agreement (EBA) with the sole aim of cutting employee wages, or wanting to save money; doing so will likely make the Enterprise Agreement not pass the Better Off Overall Test (BOOT) and the Fairwork Commission will reject the application.

Enterprise Agreement Writer

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Security Enterprise Agreements offer the best working relationship between the security companies and the employees. The agreement ensures that the companies realize their full potential by adhering to the set laws without compromising or sideling the employees’ interests.

The agreement also boosts employees’ morale and productivity by protecting their interests and welfare. For example, it ensures that their grievances are addressed and resolved amicably. Like any other legally abiding document, there are specific details that should or should not be included in the agreement.

Enterprise Agreement Writing Services: Using our years of hands-on experience in the security industry, we can help your security firms thrive by offering the following:

  • Professional enterprise agreement writing services [we do everything for you from start to approval]
  • DIY enterprise agreement application services [we provide you with the documents and a step-by-step guide until submission]

Not only for the security services industry: We also provide our Enterprise Agreement writing services to other businesses’ outside security. Our personnel will work cordially with you to ensure that the final document meets the requirements put in place by the Government and that it passes the BOOT test. We will also ensure that it resonates with the company’s goals and objectives. Get in touch with us today for more details –


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