How To  Save Money Hiring Loss Prevention Officers


We are a retail and loss prevention security specialist in Melbourne Victoria. And today we will be showing you how investing in retail loss prevention officers could be the best business decision you will make. Also, you will learn other roles a loss prevention officer can play in your store or business.

This timely retail loss prevention advice is coming from a retail security industry expert. And if you will like a further risk assessment advice and service, please feel free to contact us.

Are you a  business, a single retail store or a large retail chain that has been experiencing shrinkage and loss of stocks in your store or business? Whether you are a  grocery store, Homeware warehouse, or fresh fruit store suffering issues with shoplifters or internal-staff theft, Security Concepts Services is an expert Business and Retail Security Company that specialises in reducing shrinkage for businesses, retail stores and all clients who want to see a reduction of theft and possible a stop to instore-staff theft.

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 Retail Loss Prevention  Services

Security Concepts Services provides the following services but not limited to the below list:


  • Retail Loss Prevention officers
  • Shopping centre loss prevention
  • Retail store security
  • Business Loss Prevention
  • Shopping Centre Security Guard
  • Retail Loss prevention CCTV monitoring
  • Retail Loss Prevention Incident Investigation
  • Retail Loss Prevention Incident reporting
  • Developing staff loss prevention Operating Procedures


 Retail Loss Prevention Officers | How We Can Help

Security Concepts Services will help develop business, store specific or retail chain documents and materials to help improve your store or retail chain losses, while also working with your store managers and staff to enhance their loss prevention techniques and response.

We understand no store or business owner wants to experience stock theft in their business, that is why security concepts services would not only supply you retail loss prevention officers, covert retail officers, or overt retail officers- we will help train your staff  on best practices to prevent stock losses, tackle theft and respond appropriately to shoplifters.


We are expert in the field of Retail Loss Prevention and Retail Security Services or Retail Security Guard provision; we have authored first of its kind Australian Retail Security book called Security| Adventure Service, which can be used to train your retail managers and retail employees to improve their retail awareness and keep your shrinkage as low as possible.


Employees Theft

We understand that some of the significant losses retailer’s or business owner in-cure are by the in-house staff, employees the retailer or business owner employ and trust their business in their hands. At Security Concepts Service we can develop a staff-accountability technique that will reduce and possibly eliminate staff-merchandise-theft incidence from happening at your retail store or business.

Employees steal for so many different reasons; some are out of greed, or out to revenge, some steal just to abuse their authority, the reasons are endless why employees steal. That’s why our approach at Security Concepts Services is not only to look, outwardly-from external shoplifters, but we will design our system also to prevent merchandise theft inwardly-from employees, please check the following link below for news report about employees shoplifting trend.

Check out this Link from the Australian news article on shoplifters.

Please check this article from the New York Times called the Phenome for more about staff theft.

Also, another Link to study from the Australia Institute of Criminology.

See Link for Employee caught stealing Apple trade secrets.

 Retail Loss Prevention Officers



Right Loss Prevention Officers | Undercover

We will not operate uninformed-retail loss prevention technique for all stores or business, all stores are not the same- geographically and history of the store location will determine the kind of approach that will be designed for each specific retail store or retail chain, and we will assign only the best and Licensed Loss prevention officers for your retail store- all our approach will be in consultation with the retail store or business owner.


We will consult with the retailer or business owner to see the best approach to implement for their store and business, and best theft-loss response strategy that best fits their business profile and interest.

Covert or Overt

After a careful risk assessment and study of your retail store or business, we will recommend whether the retail loss prevention officers be Covert (secret) or Overt (open), so you can decide from our recommendation what best suits your business interest.



We are happy to assist the retail employee to operate the in-store CCTV, when there is a need for it, whether by review footage, burning footage and releasing footage for Police or Management use.


Special Duties

Our specialised retail loss prevention officers can assist your retail manager or employees with other store duties- where there is low foot traffic in your store- while at the same time acting covertly watching suspicious customers.

So, you are not just paying for retail loss prevention officers, but you are using one stone to get two results- by having a retail loss prevention officer assisting your retail employees when you’re are short of staff.

When you are considering contracting or hiring  Retail Loss Prevention Company in Melbourne or Retail Loss Prevention Company in Australia, please contact Security Concepts Services, our rates are very affordable due to low overhead cost- also we will develop documents that will not only train our Retail Loss Prevention Security but also train all your retail managers and employees.


Outsource Loss Prevention

If you are a large retailer or business chain which is looking to outsource the responsibility of its Retail Loss Prevention- Security Concepts services can supply you with dedicated regional loss prevention managers and loss prevention officers to oversee and manage all your retail and business chain loss prevention. The loss prevention security manager can be stationed at your business head office or our office.


CCTV: We will manage all store, retail and business chain CCTV footage. CCTV review recommendation, CCTV upgrade, maintenance and placement in strategic positions, to prevent Merchandise or retail Loss prevention

Liaise with Police: Our Team will Liaise with Police on any incident, provide Police with CCTV footage when required to aid their investigation.

Staff Training: We will help with face to face and also design loss prevention training memos, documents, toolbox kits for all business or retail employees, and this will be done monthly, or as agreed with management.

Reports: We will develop loss prevention incident reporting documents, loss prevention security – police correspondence and CCTV release-documents, so all retail and business employees can use. Also, we will make incident reports stats and periodic reports, and recommendation that will be made available to management, and it will capture all incidents, decline of theft at each store or business.


Banning Notice: Creating and issuing of banning notice documents to offenders will be part of our strategy, to document all offenders and keep them away from your retail stores or business.


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 Security Concepts services is a security company that specialises in retail security and retail loss prevention solutions.

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