0138 Housekeeping/ Cleaning Standard Operating Manual


This is a custom-written Housekeeping and Cleaning Standard Operating Manual, written by cleaning and housekeeping experts. This document is a combination of an SOP and Training Manual. So, once your employees finish reading through this document, whether they are a newbie or expert cleaners, this Operating Manual would improve the quality of their work and service!
 Table Contents:


1.0….. Introduction. 1

2.0….. Purpose. 1

3.0….. The Scope of the Manual. 1

4.0….. Definitions. 2


6.0….. Cleaning Equipment. 5

7.0….. Cleaning Electrical Equipment. 13

8.0….. Reporting Damaged Equipment. 13

9.0….. Incident Reporting and Escalation. 15

10.0… Cleaning Products. 15

11.0… Cleaning Procedures. 17

12.0… Safe Disposal of Waste. 23

13.0… Emergency Procedures. 24

14.0… Customer Service. 25

15.0… Handling of Customer Complaints. 25

16.0… Personal Presentation and Hygiene. 26

17.0… Liaising with Site Security Contractors. 27

18.0     Supporting and Collaboratively Working with Site Management. 28

19.0… Risk Management and Health and Safety. 28

20.0… New Employee Induction. 29

21.0… Two-way Radio Use and Call Sign. 30

22.0… Work Shift and Handover. 31

23.0     Code of Conduct and Termination of Employment. 33


25.0     Appendix 1 – Guidelines for Using Cleaning Products Safely. 38

26.0       Appendix 2 – Cleaning Weekly Schedule  39


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This Operating Manual is designed for use in training and inducting your new and existing cleaning staff.  Whether, your cleaning company has only ONE cleaner or a few HUNDRED employees, this is the perfect document for you.


This Operating Manual is also designed for regulatory compliance, site-contract use, and Tender application purposes.

Quality: This is a well-written/designed Housekeeping and Cleaning Operating Manual, with over 43 pages, 8,000+ words, filled with work material/equipment pictures, and easy-to-understand processes and procedures.


Edit: This document is in Word format, beautifully designed and formatted, easy to edit and update. Once you purchase, it automatically downloads to your computer or phone.


Use: This Operating Manual is suitable for the following (but not limited to); Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Office Building, Hotels, Private Property, Schools, Factories, etc.


To post hard copy: $30 extra.

To help you edit these documents based on your specifications: $50 extra.

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