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How to Get a Western Australia Agent License / WA Master License

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How to Get a Western Australia Agent License / WA Master License


Applying for WA Master or Agent license can be tricky if you are doing it for the first time. As we have done for other states and territories in Australia, we felt the need to write some of the most important and hidden points that need to be explained further while applying for a Western Australia Business (Agent) License.

Most states in Australia use a Business or Master license to describe the license required for a company to have before operating a security business in their state or territory. But, when it comes to WA, the word ‘ Agent’ is what they use. So that means you must apply for and be approved for an ‘Agent License in WA’ before you can operate a security business in the state.

Warning 1: the open book test is difficult, and you must prepare well beforehand to sit for this.

Warning 2: you must travel to WA to sit for this open book test if you are from outside WA (check this site for more details)

Also, you can read;

Application Form

Ensure you download and thoroughly read through and then fill up the Application form. I must add the application form is quite simple, but that doesn’t make the process easy.

WA Contact

If your company is registered outside WA, you must have Western Australia resident-contact-person details in the application forms. You will need the following information from your contact:

-Full Names:




-Contact Number and Email:


Without the above WA contact details, you won’t be approved for an Agent License.

Reference Form

You must provide 2x Reference/Referee who must have known you (in person) for at least 5 years, and this referee must not be related to you by birth or marriage.

Ensure you read the reference forms for witnesses and other important information before sending them to your referee to fill.

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Fun Fact:  WA Police Force would not tolerate any false references, so it is important you provide legit references.

Code of Conduct

Code of conduct forms are straightforward; read through ensure you understand and agree to what is written in the WA code of conduct forms before you fill in your names, date and sign.

Accountant Letter (Business Viability)

You must provide a letter from your accountant showing that the business you are applying for an agent license is financially viable.

  1. Existing Business: you must provide a letter from their accountant confirming your existing is financially viable.
  2. Start-up/New Business: must provide a letter from their accountant confirming the Business Plan for the start-up is financially viable.

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Identification Documents

Ensure you print and certify your Proof of Age/Identity document from the below table:

100 Point ID

Driver’s License/Proof of Age Card Passport/Citizenship Certificate Medicare Card
Security Individual License Working With Children Birth Certificate

These documents can be certified by JP or your state or territory Police. If not, you can take the photocopies and originals with you during your application submission at WA Police Licensing Department for certification.

Open Book Test

Before your application forms are accepted for submission, you must sit and get a 90% pass in an open book test.

I will tell you this from experience, this is one of the hardest parts of the Agent License Application.

This test consists of 20x questions per Activity you are applying for (i.e., security guard is 1x Activity, Crowd Control is another 1x Activity).

And you will be given 1hr for each of the tests. Take note that it’s an open-book test, but I will advise you to study extensively before going for this test.

You can only do this test twice daily for each activity, and you must score at least 90% (Get 18 Questions) right to get a pass.

Fun Fact 1: you cannot send someone or an employee of your company to complete this test for you. 1x Director of the company must be the person to sit the test.

Fun Fact 2: you must pass the test before your application documents will be accepted.


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Materials to Study Before the Test:

Before you sit for the open book test, it is essential you study or take with you the following documents to the test location:

  1. Security and Related Activities (Control) Regulations 1997
  2. Security and Related Activities (Control) ACT 1996

You can download the test documents from this link.

What’s Next After the Test?

Once you have passed the test, then  do the following:

  • Submit Application: your Licensing Application documents will be accepted.
  • Fingerprint: The Licensing Officer will complete a Livescan fingerprint on you
  • Issuing of License: if all your paperwork is complete after submission, you should receive the license within 6 weeks.

Important Facts

  1. For a comprehensive guide on how to apply and agent license requirements in Western Australia, please click on the WA Police Force website link here for more in-depth details
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Disclaimer: we do not issue WA Agent licenses; all information provided in this blog is from our personal and proven experience, and our goal is to help explain the process in a simpler term and make the applicant licensing journey easier and more successful!

Written by: Job Moses