How Many Security Guards Do I Hire For My Event or Party?

A lot of clients who are planning or organizing their event or party, often face this challenging question, ‘How many events or party security guards do I need?’ It is a common question that I have heard when it comes to events & party security hires, especially from party organizers or hosts.

The other challenging question that the party organizers or host get to face is what is the cost of hiring party security guards. Yes, every one of us would like to host the best party or event possible, but so many of us are worried about the cost of party security guard hire, and whether it is worth it or not.

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Experienced Party Security Companies

As a security industry professional, with so many years of experience working in events and party security, I will say it is worth hiring an event/party security guards for your event.

Sometimes I see clients who hire inadequate party security guards; for example, a party that may require 3 or more party security guards, the client may only hire one security guard. Some of the reasons why they do so are that they want to save money, they are not aware of the exact number of party security guards they may require, or perhaps they are short of cash.

As an experienced party security guard professional, my advice to the client is to do your research on how many security guards you might require for your party. If possible ask one or two-party security companies, what number of party security guards they recommend and if they think that would be enough for the perceived amount of guests you will be inviting to the party.

The Silence of Event Security Companies

Most party and event security companies may not tell you the exact number of party security guards you might require, for fear of being seen as working for the interest of their security company. So, the party security company may go with what the client wants, and not necessarily give the client expert advice on party security.

These questions apply not just to party security, it also applies to events and events organizers.

 Parties Security Services You Might Require Security

  • Birthday party security guard
  • New year’s eve party security guard
  • Children’s party security guard
  • Work party security guard
  • Community party security guards
  • Australia day security guards
  • Wedding party security guards
  • Engagement party security guards
  • A corporate party security guard
  • Award night security guards


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How Many Party Security Guards Do I Need?

Before concluding on the exact number of party or event security guards you might need, you may want to consider some of these factors that could help you or the party security company arrive at the right number of security guards you might need.

  1. Alcohol: where alcohol will be served, there should be party security.
  2. Party guest age range: alcohol and teenagers don’t mix well; so if the party would have teenagers drinking alcohol, you might require more than enough party security guards.
  3. Postcode: if the party will be held in a troubled suburb? Then you might require more than one party security guard.
  4. Venue: entry and exit plan may determine the number of party security guards you will require for your party.
  5. The medium used to invite the guests; if the invite is by open invitation on social media, it may require more security guards than usual.
  6. History: if the venue or the party has had issues with the guest in the past.
  7. Threats: if a known person or gate crashers have threatened the celebrant or any guest coming to the party.
  8. Escorts: if the guest will require party security guards, to escorts them to the taxi rank, bus bays, or their cars.

 General Rule

A lot of party security experts may consider a ‘general rule’ of having one party security guard to 100 patrons and two or more party security guards for every 100 patrons

But, from experience, I will suggest you evaluate your party or event, think of the likelihood of what might go wrong, perhaps consider some of the above-mentioned determining factors, and get the right number of event or party security guards.


Security Concepts Services Recommended Party/Event Security Hire Guide


Party Security/Crowd Control (CC) Guide-Ratio (Non-Alcohol Event)

Patrons/Guest Numbers Number Of Entries Number of Crowd Controllers (CC) Supervisors/Managers
20 – 60 1 1x  (cc)
60 – 100 1-2 2x – 3x  (cc) 1x Supervisor
100 – 120 1-2 2x -3 x (cc) 1x Supervisor
120 – 200 1-3 2.5x – 4x  (cc) 1x Supervisor
200 – 300 2-2.5 3x 4x (cc) 1x Supervisor
300 – 500 2-3 3x  6x (cc) 1x Supervisor


Party Security/Crowd Control (CC) Guide-Ratio (Event with Alcohol)

Patrons/Guest Numbers Number Of Entries Number of Crowd Controllers (CC) Supervisors/Managers
20 – 60 1 2x (cc)
60 – 100 1-2 2x – 3x (cc) 1x Supervisor
100 – 120 1-2 2x -3 x (cc) 1x Supervisor
120 – 200 2-3 2.5x – 5x (cc) 1x Supervisor
200 – 300 2-3 4x 6x (cc) 1x Supervisor
300 – 500 2-4 5x  7x (cc) 1 – 2x Supervisors


The above guide is just for basic ‘indoor’ Crowd Control/Security duties, such as roving patrols, handling entry points, bag checks, etc. Also, supervisors can be included in the total number of Crowd Control hires for cost-saving measures.

The number of Crowd Controllers required could rise, depending on the responsibilities you want them to perform, i.e. bag checks, ticket inspections, metal detector checks, RSA, first aid, etc.

Note: If you require customized party/event security hire solutions, please send us an email, and we will specially design cost-effective crowd control/security guards hire strategy just for your event/festival.

For Outdoor Event, Festivals, Concerts, or Community Event Crowd Control/Security Hire Guide, please send us an email for our Events/Festival Management Plan.


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Whatever party celebration you are hosting, or however many party guards you require, Security Concepts Services can help provide party security hire services for your event.

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