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We provide quality and tailored designed security guard hire for schools. As you read further, you will learn about our bespoke school security guard services. And why your school might require school security guards.

Check out this blog, we wrote about school security. The contents are more expository, on the delivery of school security guards in Australia. How the Government can help your school secure funds for school security projects. Not just guards but, other school security equipment. Such as security fencing, security cameras, armed school guards and metal detectors.

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What We Do and Will Do

Security Concepts Services is a trusted and reliable School security company in Melbourne. Our ‘School security service,’ will be further explained in-depth. Some of these school security services are uniquely designed and formulated by us, with the aim to improve the safety and experience of every student, teacher, lecturers and stakeholder at every school or learning environment!

Take note, we will make sure we provide male and female school security guards, security officers from all diverse background and culture. All institutions and principal using our service can be assured, that all school security guards deployed, are licensed and fingerprinted by the Victorian Police.

school security guards

Our Management and security guards are experienced in delivering school security guard services.

We can supply licensed school security guards for high school, private security guards for primary schools, private security guards for child care, private security guards for kindergarten, private security guards for universities. We can also provide security guards that have got Working with Children’s Check Certificate for peace of mind of parents, guardians and staff.

Also, the school security guards hire we will supply for our clients, will be carefully vetted, and will be appropriately Licensed. We are a Melbourne school security company, that is reputable and ethical in all our approach to security services delivery. And our Managing Director has got vast experience in school security. Having worked in the University of Melbourne , few high schools, and he is the Autor of an Australian Security Book |SECURITY|ADVENTURE|SERVICE|

Some of our private security guards for schools services are designed specifically and in conjunctions with clients request and specification. Our job is to provide private security guards hire for schools– listen to our client needs, and requirements and deliver a safe studying and working environment for all involved. All our school security guards will adhere to the school’s administration or management request and guidelines.

 School Anti-Bullying Security Guards

We can supply private security guards to help prevent bullying; our school security officers can patrol the playgrounds, parks and respond to any teacher call out to assist or stop ongoing bullying and protect any child/student that is bullied.

Our hired school security can liaise with local police-only with the permission of the school management; they can also make incident reports of any bullying or behaviour that may be of concern to school management, teachers or students.

School Staff Security Protection

Security concepts can also provide Licensed private security guards for schools, who are uninformed or plain clothing, in situations where teachers or management require school security guards for their personal safety and protection.

School Graduation Party Security

Do you require graduation party security hire, or has your school been experiencing property damage, when your year 12 students are writing their final exams? Well, we can help you prevent such a situation from occurring again in your school, with the help of our experienced school guards.

School Mobile Patrol Security

Does your school require security mobile patrol services? Security concepts services can provide dedicated mobile patrol service for your school. Our Patrol guards will visit your school after every few hours, or at a certain time of the day; patrol external and inside the school to make sure, all gates, lock’s and school premises are secured.

 Events Security For Schools

School fete, school party, school sporting festivals or events; we can provide security guards who are well trained in events and party,  and are well suited to look after your school events.

Emergency School Security Guards

Where your school is facing an emergency, unknown or known-threats; or maybe you are just trying to beef up the Security of your school, students, staff and school. Please contact Melbourne school security company today. We will provide the right kind of security guard you require in your emergency situations.

Our rates a very affordable, our guards are experienced and licensed, and we will secure your school and make sure any suspicious persons, are prevented from accessing your school, while also liaising with Victorian Police.

Find below in these links, some of the schools we have provided security guards for:

Werribee Secondary College  website

St George Preca Primary School website

If you would like us to provide you with School security, retail security guards, loss prevention officers or any type of security guards, to look after your school, premises or event.For peace of mind , please call us Today |1300 044 989| or email us |info@securityconcepts.com.au|

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