How to Apply For Security Business License in Victoria |10 Things to Know


How to get a security business License in Victoria is an article I hope will enlighten my readers ( individual or organisation) that is planning to apply for a security business License in Victoria (Manpower) or apply for a security business registration in Victoria (Electronic Installers). I believe these ten basic points will help you on your journey to apply for your security master license successfully!

I decided to share this information because I recently had a good conversation with two clients who were looking to start their security business and they were all filled with miss-information on what is required of in starting a security business in Victoria and apply for their master license in Victoria.

Unfortunately, the Licensing and Regulation Division (LRD-Victoria Police) website doesn’t provide enough information to dispel some of these half-truths that is rife within the security industry in Victoria.

So I hope you enjoy this article, feel free to email or call us if you have any questions.

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Miss-information or Not?

What is this miss-information that I am talking about? That you need:

  • Certificate 3 before you  get a Security Master License approved (not entirely true)
  • Certificate 4 before LRD approved your Security Master License Application (not entirely true)
  • You must have 5-10 years or a certain amount of experience as a security officer in Victoria before LRD approved your Security Master License Application (not entirely true)

All the above are not entirely true, read further and learn 10 vital things you need to do to start a security company in Victoria or get your security master license in Victoria.

The 10 Basics for Security Business License Application in Victoria


  1. Register Your Company or Sole Trader: Register a business name, a company  or a sole trader on ASIC Website or Australia Business Register (ABR)

Once you have a Business name, TFN for a business, ABN and ACN; you have completed the first step of setting up a  security company in Victoria, and applying for a security business license in Victoria is next.

You can complete this registration yourself without using the services of an accountant, by going to the following Government website below:

Australia Business Register (ABN Registration)

Australia Securities and Investment Commission (Company Registration)

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Security Business License Victoria

Help to apply for security business license in Victoria

  1. Business Plan: create an excellent business plan that covers important topics such as:
  • SWOT analysis
  • Management Structure
  • Breakdown of product and services
  • Executive Summary
  • Employees License Validity Check
  • And many others

It is essential your security company business plan explains the objectives and goals of your security business; information about the owner and their experience and how you intend to manage your security employees in compliance with state and federal regulations.

This business plan has to be written professionally and correctly and inserting the right information, so your application doesn’t get suspended or cancelled; as we have seen cases of LRD suspending certain security business license application due to issues with their business plan.

If you don’t have time or the experience to write a business plan, please visit our shop below and buy an already made security business plan that you only need 20-30mins to edit and add your business information and get approval  100% from LRD.

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  1. Standard Operating Procedure: whether you are applying for a security business registration in Victoria or applying for a security and crowd control business license in Victoria, you will need to create a very good Standard Operating Procedure.

Ensure you read through LRD requirements and that the standard operating procedure attached to your application includes the right topics bordering on your security license application.

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Our SOP’s are designed to comply with licensing requirements as well as train your security employees with in-depth knowledge of site operational procedures. It takes only 20-30mins to edit our SOP and add your business information, and you are ready to use.

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All our SOP’s for Security Business License and Security Busines Registration that our clients purchased helped them get approved from LRD. Also, we offer a money-back guarantee if LRD does not approve your application because of our SOP or Business Plan, we will do any update that LRD requires for free until you get approved, or we will give you your money back!

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  1. Public Liability Insurance: in Victoria, LRD will only approve your security master license application when you have a Certificate of Currency for a Public Liability Insurance.

Ensure you get a cheap Public Liability Insurance quote from a specialist Security Insurance Broker; if not, the wrong broker might charge you an astronomical and unaffordable fee for a security public liability insurance.

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A few months later he agreed that we should help him apply for his security business license after one of his friend who was one of our satisfied clients recommended us to him. Yesterday 09/02/2021 he informed us that the LRD had approved his Security Business License in Victoria!


  1. Membership or Security Industry Body: you will need to join/register membership to approved Security industry organisation if you don’t have a certificate 4 in security and risk management.
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Though you must fulfil the following requirements if you don’t have the above: do a National Finger Print and Name Check, and provide a resume that shows you have been in the private security industry (with license) for more than 5 years?

Check the LRD website in this LINK for approved security industry organisation to join.

  1. Employer Responsibility: Ensure you create an employee responsibility note or deceleration and signed by the nominated person in the application. The employer responsibility must sure state your business responsibility to meet all your obligations as an employee.
  2. LRD ePortal: yes, you will need to go on the LRD website and fill up the online application forms. So there are two sets of applications; online and hard copy (PIF) application, and you will need to do both.

Make sure you choose the right kind of application, whether it is for a Security Business License (unarmed, armed guard, crowd control etc.) or for a Security Business Registration (electronic security installer, or security adviser)

  1. Business Viability Forms: once you submit your online application, you will receive an email notification with some forms; download the forms and take it to a registered accountant to complete the ‘ Business Viability’ section of the forms.
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  1. Personal Information Forms (PIF): This is a very important form that needs to be completed by the Nominated Person (director or contact person), and Officer of the Bodycoporate (co-director or shareholders) will also need to fill out a copy of this PIF forms.

This PIF form should be printed out and completed by the nominated person or officer of the body corporate (if it’s a business with multiple owners). This PIF form has 2 referee or reference forms attached. You will need to find 2x referee to complete 2 separate references forms for each person that will be filling the application.

To find the PIF forms go to the Victoria Police Website/Licensing and Regulation Department to print it out in this Link.

  1. Newspaper Advertising: once you have completed all your application forms, mail it to the LRD Mailing Address; “Licensing and Regulations Department GPO Box 2807 Melbourne VIC 3001.” Once that is done, you have got seven days to make a legal-note advertisement on a Victoria state-wide newspaper, stating your intent to apply for a security license with the LRD. Once your add is published, buy a copy of the newspaper, cut the section of the advertisement, and send it to LRD via Mail.
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More Information:

We suggest you check the following links for a complete guide of starting your security business or applying for a security master license or registration:

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The goal of writing this article is to provide the ten (10)  basic requirements and information you will need to get a security business license in Victoria or get a security business registration in Victoria. And countering some misconceptions that have made others not start their security business.

Disclaimer: Security Concepts Services is an ethical security services company, and we encourage our clients or readers of our articles; when starting your security business, please do the right thing by paying your employees the correct wages and entitlements.