Gatehouse Security Guard Services Duties

Some of the Key duties of Gatehouse Security Guards could be described as the following:

  • Gatehouse Security Control Room
  • Gatehouse Security Access Control
  • Gatehouse Security Weighbridge Duties
  • Gatehouse Security Inducting Site Visitors and Staff
  • Gatehouse Security Mobile Patrol
  • Gatehouse Security Foot Patrol
  • Gatehouse Security Guards Emergency Response
  • Security Traffic Control Officer
  • Hire Gatehouse Traffic Control and Security Officer
  • Distribution Centre Security Guards

Gatehouse Security Company Provider

You might be asking yourself, “what are the core responsibilities of a gatehouse security guard?’

If you are a client looking to hire a gatehouse security guard for your site, then this article will help explain the key duties and importance of hiring a gatehouse security officers to man your gatehouse. If you are a security guard looking to do a gatehouse security job, read this article because you will learn a lot.

 Importance of Gatehouse Security Guards

Gatehouse Security Control Room: when you hire a gatehouse security company with security officers that are trained and licensed in the control room and monitoring; these security officers will help monitor all site CCTV cameras and the following:

  • Monitor all CCTV camera’s 24/7 or as agreed by the client
  • Review CCTV footage for incident management
  • Transfer/burn and control all CCTV footage released to Police and other authorised bodies
  • Ensure all site CCTV camera’s are fully working and liaise with external technicians for maintenance
  • Collect and store relevant snapshots

Your gatehouse security staff will save you a lot of money as they also double as control room operators.

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Gatehouse Security Access Control: I believe this is one of the essential duties of gatehouse security personnel, ‘providing access control’ to both staff members and visitors.

No matter how complex your Business Management Systems (BMC) is, training your gatehouse security staff on how to use such BMS systems will save you time and money when operated from the gatehouse by your qualified and trained security guards.

Some other key access control duties:

  • Monitor staff and visitors access cards
  • Cancel or reissue staff or visitors access cards
  • Restrict or grant broader access level to each team or visitor

Gatehouse Security Weighbridge Duties: your gatehouse security guards can also be trained on how to operate a weighbridge system and issue the right paperwork to each vehicle being weighed.

Gatehouse Security Inducting Site Visitors and Staff: gatehouse security can also be assigned the duties of conducting visitors induction and issuing each visitor with the right Pass, PPE before accessing the site. Gatehouse security can also monitor all staff members’ induction and provide them with new induction.

Gatehouse Security Mobile Patrol: if you operate a large complex or multi-site, as part of the duties of your gatehouse security officers, they can also conduct routine or schedule mobile patrols.

Gatehouse Security Foot Patrol: your gatehouse security staff can also conduct internal, external and perimeter foot patrols, locks and gates checks. This will ensure that your site and all access points are secured and without any breach.

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Gatehouse Security Guards Emergency Response: Your hired gatehouse security guards can act as first responders responding to the following:

  • Fire and Smoke Alarm’s
  • First Aid and Medical Emergency Response
  • Security and Facility Breach Response
  • Staff -Staff or Staff-Patron Incident Response

But, remember your gatehouse security team must be appropriately trained and equipped to respond to the above mentioned or any incident or duties.

 Why Use or Hire Gate House Security Company?

Gatehouse security guards can be an integral part of your workforce,  helping to do other non-security-related tasks that improve efficiency and productivity at your worksite. 

Who Might Require Gatehouse Security Officers

  • Gatehouse Security Guards for Warehouse
  • Gatehouse Security Guards for Distribution Centre
  • Gatehouse Security Guards for Storage Yards
  • Gatehouse Security Guards for Airports
  • Gatehouse Security Guards for Ports
  • Gatehouse Security Guards for Manufacturing Firm

Security Concepts Services provides gatehouse security in Melbourne; with qualified and trained staff to help secure your facility and site and also help manage other non security-related task within a single gatehouse security hire cost. Contact us today / / 1300 044 989 //