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This article will take you on a journey of festival and events security hire Melbourne. We will also share some insightful tips on organising festivals and events.  You will also learn how a professional festival and events security company ,like security concepts services, can help you host successful festivals and events incident free!

We hope this comprehensive festival security and major events security plan, and strategy can assist you to plan a smooth and successful festival or events. You can also contact us to see how we can provide our unique festival security management service.

At Security Concepts Services, can provide crowd control hire or security hire service for all kinds of festivals; like multicultural-festivals, food, wine or music festivals. We are a business that specializes in providing professional festival security hire at affordable rates.

The security guards we will be providing; will be trained and inducted specifically for your festival or event. We will make sure we supply a range of security officers that have a good understanding, connections and respect for your festival or events. Whether it is social, faith, cultural or religious base.

You can also purchase our already Made Standard Operating Procedures for Festival, Event and Venue Security/Crowd Control Officers.

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Extras: Our festival and events security officers, are license and they can wear customized outfit base on clients request, such as a black suit and tie security services. We can also supply RSA security guards, Security Guards with Working With Children’s Check license.

For outdoor event, concert security and festival security guards, crowd control hire, please email us and request for our Event and Festival Management Plan and Rates.

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Festival Security & Crowd Control Hire Services

  • Church Security Hire
  • Synagogue Security Hire
  • Australia Day Security Hire
  • Christmas Carol’s Security Hire
  • Chinese New Year Security Hire Victoria
  • Gurdwara Security Guards
  • Diwali Celebrations Security Guards
  • Diwali Festival Security Hire
  • Music Festival Security Hire Victoria
  • Concert Security Hire Melbourne
  •  Ramadan Security Hire
  • Mosque Security Hire
  • Rosh Hashanah Security Hire
  •  Hanukkah Celebrations Security Hire
  • Bar Mitzvah Security Hire
  •  Aboriginal Festivals Security Hire
  • Music Festivals Security Hire
  • Food & Wine Festival Security Hire
  • Catholic School Security Hire
  • Church or Gospel Concerts Security Hire
  • Church Assets Security Protection
  • Christmas Carol Security Hire
  • Christmas  Carol Crowd Control Hire


 Festivals Security Services

Festivals Security Services – Our Aim

Our aim is to provide our clients with the best festival & event security management experience in Victoria, Australia. While also factoring to deploy a good number of event staff and crowd controllers, that understands and could relate to your festivals or event.

Whether it’s a social, cultural, religious, faith base festival or event; Security Concepts Services is capable of deploying the exact number of festival and events personnel that will fit in with your budget, expectations, while also managing the safety of all patrons and stakeholders.

Festival Crowd Control Management Tips

Below are some very important, tips strategies and ideas that will help enhance festival and events patrons experience and also make your festival a success!


Festival Security Hire Prices

It is essential for a festival host or festival organiser to get the best festival security hire prices. But you must also remember while searching for the best festival security quote; the price could impact the quality of the guards your festival or event.

Hiring low-quality festival security or crowd control could cost you more money later on; if the guard’s act inappropriately and your festival or events get negative publicity or dragged to court.

A popular saying goes. ‘You pay peanuts; you get m……’ The quality of the hired festival security or crowd control could impact your festival/events positively or negatively. So, keep that in mind, always seek to hire from the best festival security management company, that you will get value for money in the long run.


Risk Assessment and Event Planning: We recommend the festival security company liaise with event organizers prior to the event or festival and suggest the right number of event security officers, crowd controllers that you will require.

Such recommendation should be based on best security practice, budget consideration, prior history of the event or festival and other cultural or faith practices.

Always go for the best festival & events security company, that delights in looking at the event planning and event security guards deployment from the client perspective, and the general success of the event or festivals. So, both client/event organisers and patrons will have a great and safe experience while at the festival/events.

Consultants: You can also search for a security consultant company in Melbourne that delivers security consulting services to clients while also respecting the social, cultural and religious norms of the festival, patrons and clients.

As such we recommend a social, cultural, ethnic or religious consultant; prior and during the event, to help explain and if possible, make a memo that would have expectation, do’s and don’ts of the event organisers to the security/ crowd controllers, so no patrons or stakeholder gets offended by the actions or words of the festival security guards.

The presence of this consultant will help the hired security company, have a contact person prior to and during the event, educate all festival supervisors and security, understand any sensitivity and how to deal with such.

Events and Support Staff: we will suggest having a good number of hired to support event security. This event support staff could also be drawn mainly from the particular social, cultural or ethnic group of the event’s host, but we also recommend to have a balance event support staff.

We will always recommend that the majority of the event support staff to be selected from the very community group that is hosting the event. The reason  is, efficiency in communication and other sensitivity is very important for all major event security hire and event staff- and having predominant number of event staff from that particular community will also help the event security guards get more assistance when they are confronted with certain incidents and situations that they are not sure how to deal or respond to because they are not familiar with the religious, community or cultural response and approach, this strategy does not just apply to multi-cultural events but other events and festivals too.

Event support staff are relatively cheaper to hire compared to a large amount of multicultural event security guards, so that could save the event organizers more money.
Event staff are easy to employ and train them on some of the basic requirements on festival and event customer service. They also add help in enhancing patrons event and festival experience!

Event support staff can also serve as security-support to complement the work of the event crowd controllers.

You can also purchase our already Training Manual for  Festival, Event and Venue Security/Crowd Control Officers.

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Party Security Melbourne

Events Security Management

Experienced Events Management Staff: Security Concepts Services has got some of the best event and security Management team, a management team that has got many years of event security experience and outright event Experience in Australia.

[highlight background=”” color=””]Security Concepts management has got experience in the following event; Aboriginal festivals, Formula 1 Grand Prix, Premium wedding management, AFL Grand Final Security, Australian Open Security, Melbourne Cup Festival, Caulfield Cup Festival Security, School Fete Festival Security, Weddings and International Music Concerts and many more.

We recommend always chose the best festival security company in Melbourne to provide festival & event security and crowd control service.

Experienced Events Supervisor: we recommend you ask the security company to supply experienced security Supervisors. These security supervisors will be giving the responsibility to look after your event and festivals and make sure crowd controllers supplied are well coordinated and supervised, for a hitch-free festival!

Pre-Event Training and Induction: We offer this recommendation for a large community event, a multicultural event of above 10,000 patrons. That a pre-event training and induction for all security, crowd control and security supervisors be trained and inducted for that particular event/festival. The training and induction should be focused on what to expect, how to behave and how to respect the cultures, traditions and religious beliefs of the client and patrons, while also delivering outstanding event customer service.

Take our events and festival security training test/quiz today:

Other Services

Christmas Carols Security Guards: It is that time of the year again when everyone has worked hard, achieved a lot and are looking forward to the holiday season. End of the year and Christmas season, and you are thinking of organizing a community Christmas carol event, or a church Christmas carol. Contact the best security companies for Christmas carol.
It is important a risk assessment and due diligence is done for the Christmas carol event, so to be sure what number of Christmas carols security guards you will require.

It is best you start preparing for your Christmas carols security at list 4 months before the event. It is important to get a reputable security company that is capable to provide professional event security management.

Aboriginal Festivals: Security Concepts like to pay our respect to the first nation people of Australia and Torres Strait Islanders, its elders both past and present; some of our concepts and strategy of providing security guards for cultural Events and festivals actually came from a proposal to supply security guards for Yirramboi Festival in Melbourne. Security Concepts Services has tremendous respect for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders community in Australia and we are confident to say we have an understanding of the Aboriginal communities and are able to provide the right licensed event crowd control, festival security for Aboriginal and Torres Straights Island communities. We have provided Crowd Control Services for Aboriginal Housing Authority NAIDOC  Event!

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What Else Do We Do

Festival Security Plan: We offer free festival security plan, we help festival organisers plan, strategies on how to deliver effective festival security and festival crowd control.

Event First Aid: Security Concepts can provide your event, festivals with experience Level 2 First Aid event Security supervisors to look after the First aid side of things at your event. And we are also able to subcontract a specialist event First Aid company to look after your events First Aid needs.

Sniffer Dogs: Are you worried that patrons at your festivals may be bringing illicit and dangerous drugs into your Festivals? Don’t worry- we can supply sniffer dogs at every entry to sniff out any illegal drugs from getting into your event, thereby have a Drugs free Festival.

Wand and Metal Detectors: Security Concepts services are able to provide wanding and metal detectors services at every entry points at the festival so, dangerous weapons can be detected and prevented from being brought into the festivals or event.

Under Cover Guards: We can supply event undercover security guard, who will dress like the revellers, mix-in with the crowd; but their job is to walk around undercover and see if there are patrons dealing or selling drugs at your festival. If any is found Police will be notified, and the drug dealing offender will be removed from the event.

Caravan Park Security Hire: You run a Caravan park and you are Looking for caravan park security hire in Melbourne, please contact us today for a free quote.[/one_second]

Wedding Security Hire: Your big day is almost here, and you have organized everything for your wedding except for the Wedding security guards. Well, we can provide you with well dressed and eloquently speaking suited wedding security officers at an affordable price.

End of the Year Party Security Guards: For your end of the year party celebrations, or new years eve party security hire. We can provide well groomed and articulate end of the Year party security guards, whether it is a work or private end of year party.

National Day Celebrations Security Guards: Australian day security guards? We know Australia and Melbourne is a Multicultural Country and state. As such, once in a year, we have that special time to celebrate various Nationalities that call Australia and Melbourne home and tend to celebrate our various Country of origin National day. So when that time comes and you are looking for a security company in Melbourne that can strategically supply the right qualified and trained security guards for your National celebrations, then contact Security Concepts Services, we can design and supply the right kind of security guards that will look after your National day event and patrons and make everyone feel safe!

Ethnic Celebrations Security Guards: Whether it is Oktoberfest Security hire Melbourne, Italian, Greek celebrations, Jewish Celebrations, African cultural festivals security guards, Latin festivals security hire. Whatever is the requirement of your ethnic heritage festivals-you have in Melbourne, Security Concepts Services can provide you with the right, trained and Licensed security officers to cover your ethnic celebrations and make sure every patron have a good time and feel secure while at the festival.

School Fete Security Guards: Are you looking for School security guards hire in Melbourne, or wanting a security Company in Melbourne that specialises in providing security guards for Schools? Then you are in the right place; we can provide licensed Secondary School security hire, primary school security Guards hire, Kindergarten security hire, Tafe security hire, private school security hire, Catholic school security hire, Islamic School security hire, University security hire. The security guard or supervisor will have Working With Children Check, school Security Guards that are able to look after your School during School term and On holidays.

For more about our event and party hire services please read:

For any School events, Security Concepts services are able to provide you with carefully vetted and rightly suited School Security guards for your school.

We have got the pedigree and experience in providing school security services in Melbourne, so please call us today for Free risk assessment and quote today.

Jewish celebrations security guard hire: Are you celebrating any Jewish holidays or festivals? Security Concepts Services can provide security guards to cater for your festivals. Security officers that have great understanding and respect for Judaism and Jewish culture. Whenever you are looking for the right security hire for Jewish festivals, events, schools or business in Melbourne, contact security concepts for a free quote and risk assessment.

Whatever your festivals or religious events or business needs are, Security Concepts Services is a reputable and ethical Security company in Melbourne, that provides free risk assessment and security hire quote. We always deliver quality security service and at a cost-effective rates to our clients.

If we haven’t mentioned your particular Festivals or Celebrations, we apologize but Security Concepts Services is able to provide Event Security Guards, Festival Security Guards for your particular Festivals and Events, please contact us today.

You can also check our educative blog, on party or event security planning.

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