What Does Covid Safety Marshal Do?

  • Customer Service
  • Welcome Patrons
  • Inform and Educate Patrons
  • Direct Patrons
  • Ensure Compliance

Covid Safety Marshal questions? Well, today we will answer this important question; ‘what are the duties of a Covid Marshal?’

Covid Safety Marshals are individuals assigned, contracted, or employed by a business; who are specially trained in; ‘infections disease control’ to help manage patrons, flow, or foot traffic into business premises or sites.

They ensure every patron and visitor to that business or site knows, understands, and follows the government and business Covid 19 protocols and directives, to help reduce or mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

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In a simpler term, Covid Marshals are staff members of a business or store, specially trained to help manage patrons’ compliance with business or site Covid 19 rules.

  1. Customer Service:

Covid safety Marshals are often the first face and contact of a business with patrons walking into that premises.

It is important you realise; you must deliver courteous and professional customer service to each person that walks into and leaves that business premises.

  1. Welcome Patrons:

Our society is more divided than what it used to be BC (Before Covid). No thanks to those in agreement or opposition to current Government Covid 19 protocols or mandates. It is vital that all patrons are welcomed into the business or site with a smile on the Covid Marshal’s face! This gesture helps make every patron feel at home in the business premises regardless of whether they are likely to comply with entry protocols or not.

A smiley, respectful, and courteous Covid Marshal  Compliance Officer will easily get his message across and comply with even by the meanest patron.

  1. Inform and Educate Patrons:

Covid Marshal is tasked with courteously educating every patron accessing a business or site with premises entry criteria or protocols. You can also show the patron any written directives that might help them.

  1. Direct Patrons:

Covid Marshal might be required to direct each patron on the following:

  • Where to check-in (QR Code)
  • Where to sign-in (entry logbook)
  • Where to find certain information about the business, premises products, and services
  • Where to find the restroom
  • Where to find hand sanitisers
  • Where to queue or line-up (Covid Marshal Crowd Control or Crowd Management)
  • What entry to use

Crowd Control Covid Marshal

  1. Ensure Compliance:

Covid Marshal, are responsible for ensuring every patron accessing the business or store fully complies to the following:

  • Are fully vaccinated (see proof of vaccination certificate)
  • Patrons maintain social distancing (1.5 meters)
  • Business or Store patron capacity is not exceeded
  • Temperature Check patrons

This article is only a broad Covid Check-in Marshal procedure; fully follow your government or business or store manager policy in regards to their specific Covid Marshal Procedure.

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It is important to remember, that as a Covid Marshal, you are expected to deliver exceptional, courteous, and emphatic service to all patrons while ensuring the business, store entry policy is fully complied with.

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