Christian Owned Security Services Company in Australia (Our Story)


Christian Owned Security Services Company in Australia

Security Concepts Services was founded in 2018 by Job Moses, a born-again follower of Christ.

Reason why I started a security services company.

I moved to Australia in 2010 and in 2013 I started working as a security officer.

After working as a security guard for over 5 years and I saw how rife the following were in the security services industry in Australia:

  1. Wage theft in the security industry
  2. Lots of security company doing the opposite of what they ought to do
  3. Cash Payment
  4. Fellow staff members were complaining about their wage being stolen by their employer and there seems to be nothing they could do about it

I felt, there was something I could do about it. That means to start a security company that does things the right way; such as :

  • Provide good guards to our client and deliver on the service we promised
  • Pay security staff the correct minimum wage as stipulated by Fair Work Commission
  • Ensure we deliver an ethical service to our client and staff
  • Ensure we only charge client for hours worked
  • Ensure our clients, site and properties are protected

Since 2018, we have done our best to achieve the above. Though for us choosing to do the right thing means, we miss out on about 98% of contract opportunities.

Meaning, we face the following which allot of client don’t seem to understand:

  • We lose contract opportunities because, the amount some competitors are charge is very low, and they are likely to engage in Wage theft (underpaying their staff),
  • We pay on the books, making sure our employee payroll tax, superannuation are all captured; sadly a lot of our competitors pay cash to their staff and that means, the employer avoids paying tax and super and the employee also receives Benefits/Centrelink on the side, while working on cash
Asset protection security company
Asset protection security company

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The goal is not to make our competitors look bad, so we can look good. Our mission  is to help our client’s understand that  we will provide top quality security guard service, but our pricing might be a little higher than our competitors because we do our best to play by the rules and you will benefit from our immense security experience.

Tip: The key ingredient for ethical and high quality security guard service in Australia are; Experience+ Integrity + Fairness + Doing What is Right!

We hardly speak about our Faith being the major driver of running an ethical security guard business; because our goal is to let Jesus Christ teaching  to be the reason; we serve all our clients and staff; honestly, fairly and provide top quality service with Integrity and Respect  regardless of our Client or  Staff;  Gender, Faith, Political Affiliations or Beliefs.

Welcome to Security Concepts Services; not a perfect security company but, an Australian security company that tries its best to do the right thing by doing all it can to comply with all Government rules.

Written by Job Moses