Don’t Hire Cheap Security Guards

This blog will focus on pricing for security guards hire and how finding a cheap security company or cheap security hire rate has certain negative consequences for your business, event, or brand that you might not have thought of.

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Let’s look at the doctor’s example. When most people get sick, they often want to find the best medical doctor or the best hospital to visit. The cost and price of the doctor or hospital would not be an issue to many, as long as they are the best!


 Cheap Security Guards | Why Go Cheap Then

Why do you think most people always prefer the best when it comes to their health? Because the best doctors always have a top-quality reputation. The best have often acquired experience and knowledge in their field that only a few possess.

Sometimes people patronise the best because a bad doctor or hospital could actually be the worst-case scenario in regards to the sickness or ailment they are battling.

 Human Emotions

I would like to add that people may patronize the best for ‘peace of mind.’ Humans are often emotional, the moment the word ‘best’ is added to a service, product, or practice, especially with testimonials to back it, a ‘placebo effect’ kicks in, and people generally have peace of mind that their business, health, etc. are in the best hands!

Expecting ‘the best’ applies in the security industry as well, when you need to hire Security Officers, Loss Prevention Officers, Events Security Guards, Corporate Security Guards, or any other kind of security service. Take note that the security company you choose and the security officers they employ will be taking responsibility for the security of your business and site. They will be the face of your business; most especially when you are away during the night or on holidays, they will be in charge of looking after your business and site.

 Price You Should Be Worried About

When a security company says to you “we can provide you security guards at a very cheap rate,” my advice is to be very careful!

Why be careful? A security company is unlikely to attract and retain the best security officers to look after your business when their prices come cheap. Many security companies that offer very cheap security hire rates are likely to be underpaying their security guards. Sometimes such companies will deploy unlicensed individuals to the client site or business posing as security officers, and that could be dangerous to the clients, patrons and brand.

You have to understand, security guards are mainly licensed by State Police or the Ministry of Justice in Australia, so that means every security officer assigned to your business should have their records with the Government and a plastic security license card. If they are not licensed and can’t show you a copy of a valid license, report the incident to the local Police and the security provider will be sanctioned.

Such a security company may be supplying inexperienced security guards to take responsibility for your site or event security, which could leave you exposed to a lot of risks!

 Cheap Security Guards | Focus on the Positives

I believe we have focused more on cheap security companies; now let’s switch our attention on experienced, reliable and professional security companies. Security companies that provide some of the best security guards that will look after your business or events.

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I will encourage you to only go for the best security guard company, that will deliver quality security service and will also be the right fit for your brand. Though such highly regarded security companies may come with a relatively premium price. The advantage is that they will always attract and provide the best and most experienced security guards and loss prevention officers for your business or event.

 Our Reputation

We are a security company with a name to protect and a reputation to build, so your custom is a big priority for us!

When we deploy security guards, our clients will be able to sleep with two eyes closed, knowing an ethical and reliable security guarding company is looking after their business, event, and site.

Your event, business and infrastructure does not come cheap, so always hire security companies that are the best and will look after your assets and events.

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