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The purpose of this article is to help individuals and businesses with tips on how to get cheap security guards to hire and save money. Also, I want to make sure that when you are looking for a private security quote or trying to save money on security guards booking costs… that you get the best deal possible!

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Most private security companies may not tell you the exact number of security officers you might need for your site, event or party. The reason is they don’t want to be seen as working for their own interest. So, most security companies may go with what the client wants, and not necessarily give the client the best expert advice on the right number of security guards that are actually required to do the job.


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Private Security Guards Hire, Things To Be Careful Of 

There has to be a fine line between saving money, patrons’ safety, and risk management. Often, the extra money the client pays to hire sufficient security contractors might go a long way in improving patrons and customers’ experience at your site or event.

It may also go a good mile in, improving the safety of everyone on-site, and eliminate any likelihood of incidents that might lead to future legal litigations.

Our Sample Tip On Cheap Security Guards Hire

Take us for example; we always want to save our clients money when they request private security hire. We do that by giving discounts, and other times, we send them the best and most experienced security guards that we have. Private Security Guards/Crowd Control can manage your event, site and business professionally, without the need of having large numbers of inexperienced guards that will cost you more in the long run.

We also try to make a careful assessment and analyze the clients business, site, event, and see how many security guards they might require. Some of the things we consider, when making such assessments are; the location of the site or event, the number of patrons and customers the client would be servicing, site or event entries and exit, and if any previous negative history about the site or event.

Why do we consider the above factors? It is in the best interest of the client and their business. So we can ascertain the right number of security guards that would be deployed to the client’s site or event, and for the sake of effective security guard.[/one_third]

Smart ways to save money on private security companies for your site, business or events.

    • Ask the security company for discounts. Most private security companies will give you a discount, you just need to ask.
    • Ensure the security companies send the most experienced security officers; that means, even when you hire a fewer number of security officers, their experience will make them more effective at securing and managing your site, business or event.
    • Consider getting some of your internal employees and friends to act as support staff to your security guards, in case of emergency. In doing so, even if you might have hired a lesser number of security officers, your internal employees/friends assisting the security guards will fill that void.
    • Consider reducing the number of exits/entry if it is safe to do so; by doing that, you are likely to hire fewer security guards. The fewer exits and entries you assign the security guards you hire, the lesser number of security officers you might require.
    • Consider ‘systematic deployment or shift staggering’ of security guards. For example, if your site or event will be open for 5 hours, and you can only afford 2x security guards for four hours only, then let 1x guard start one hour early and the second security guard starts an hour later. So, that means your 5 hours will be covered by paying 2x security guards for 4 hours. You can do that with as many security guards as you are hiring.
    • Consider hiring customer service officers or customer services staff to assist your security guards at your site or event. Let’s say you require five security guards for your site or event; hire 3x security guards and x2 customer service staff. Why so? Security guards hire is much more expensive than customer service staff. This higher cost is due to the security guards being trained, licensed, and heavily regulated by the Police and Government departments. So if you hire this way, you hire smart, and the customer service staff will work hand in hand with the security guard/s hired.
    • Consider hosting your event at home, get family members to support you, rather than having your event at a venue where they will force you to hire security guards.
    • Consider informing the Police about your party or your business beforehand, and if you are lucky, they might offer to patrol your premises or business periodically or during events time.
    • Consider hosting your event or party during the week instead of weekends, where you might experience high patron turnout.
    • You might want to consider hiring a security consultant or risk & assessment agency to conduct a security audit at your business, and to design effective security guarding strategy at your site and business. This would save you money and improve the safety and security of all staff, patrons, and customers.
Conclusion on Being Smart with Private Security Guards Hire

We hope some of our advice helped. As an ethical private security company in Australia, our aim is to see all clients get the best deal, procuring private security guards hire, and that their site, business, event or party is well protected by high-quality and licensed security guards and security companies.

We will appreciate any feedback, suggestions, or ideas that you may have. If you require any of our security guard services, then please contact us for a free assessment and quote.

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Whatever your business, site, company, or party celebration are; we can deploy the right number of security services personnel. We are a trusted Security Company in Melbourne, Australia.

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Written by Job Moses