Bodyguard Standard Operating Procedures


Bodyguard Standard Operating Procedures. We offer a ready-made and custom-written Bodyguard SOP.


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This CIT SOP is designed for Bodyguard Companies to train, educate, and induct their Bodyguard Operatives on their Policies and Procedures.

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This Bodyguard SOP can be used as part of your Security Company Business License Application process. We can customize this Bodyguard SOP to fit with your State, Territory, or Country Regulatory, Acts, and Legislation; so, this SOP will comply with your State, Territory, and Country governing regulations.


We have created Standard Operating Procedures for numerous Security Companies for their employee use and Licensing Application purpose, and we have a 99% approval rating for companies who have used our SOP.



CONTENT: This Bodyguard SOP contains some of the following:

  1. Emergency Management Procedures
  2. Report Writing
  3. Employer Responsibilities
  4. Use of Company Equipment
  5. Bullying, Sexual Harassment
  6. Working With and at Principals Place
  7. Dispute Resolution
  8. Use of Alcohol and Drugs
  9. (Many more additional contents)


This Bodyguard SOP contains over 4000 words; it is educative, enlightening, and informative. It consists of Policy and Procedure documents that your BodyguardCompany and employees will greatly benefit from.

Security Concepts Services is a trusted Security Consulting Company that creates custom-designed Policy and Procedures and Training Manuals that have greatly helped many security companies.


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