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16th Birthday Security expert tips. Are you personally organizing a 16th birthday, an event or a festival? Or you will be using the services of an event organizer? Or maybe you’re hosting the event/party in a residential address.  Well, events security guards hire should be at the top of your priority to-do list. And the reason is, events security or crowd control play some important roles such as; Responsible Service oF Alcohol duties (RSA), events & party crowd control duties, use of metal detectors to scan events & party patrons, how about bag check?

It is also imperative that you engage the right events security companies, that will send their best and experienced events & party security guards/crowd control, together with qualified events security supervisors.

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Few Questions To Ask

  • What kind of event, party or festival is it?
  • Is the party going to be in a private residence?
  • Are you going to use a hired venue for the event?
  • What number of patrons are you expecting?
  • Are there going to be different tiers of tickets?
  • Would you be using an external first aid company?
  • Will there be underage at the party/events?
  • Are you expecting some VIP at the events?
  • Do you need a events/party security guard for crowd control duties or it’s a venue/council requirement?
  • Will there be alcohol served at the events?
  • Is the Event registered with the Police?
  • Are there going to be pill testing?

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16th Birthday Security :Why The Questions

The reason for the above questions is to help understand the nature of the party, event or festival; it’s patrons, venue and reason for wanting the security hire. Also, if you are hiring the events security guards, not just to do crowd control duties, but can act as first aid officers and also search for prohibited drugs.

Few Reasons Venue/Council ask for Events Security:

    • Due to the previous experience of unruly partygoers at the venue
    • Part of their Insurance company requirement
    • For the protection of all eventgoers
    • In case of Fire or any First Aid Emergencies
    • For RSA duties
    • To prevent fights at the venue
    • Check for illicit drugs

Worried About Cost?

I know cost is one of the main concern, most party host and organisers are worried about. But wanting to have a party or event without One or more party security guards, may seem like a good money saving idea! But in the long run it could cost you a lot of money, and possibly getting blacklisted by venue hire places, landlords or even getting evicted from your property if you are renting.

So, if you are thinking of saving money on events security hire or crowd control hire, in the long run, I will advise you to engage the services of a professional events security company to look after your event. One of the reason is; if guest/patrons, at a residential address or at a hired venue; decide trash the whole place after the event is over, due to lack of events security, then be prepared to receive property damage bill from the venue, police, landlord or the insurance company.

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Side Note-Sometimes, the danger could arise due to an insufficient number of events crowd controllers.

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 Important Point To Note

Some of the Unique things events Security  Do:

  • Tickets; events crowd controllers can screen patrons,  to make sure all patrons who make it inside the venue have got a valid ticket.
  • Screen ID; events security guards can make sure all patrons ID are carefully checked to see if they are the right age to be allowed entry.
  • First-Aid; if there is an injury, overdose-events security will be the first to administer first aid before a paramedic arrives.
  • Dress Code; if party host/organiser has a strict dress code, party security makes sure all guest and patrons comply with the dress code.
  • Break up Fights; events security can monitor all patrons and see any signs of a fight, to break it up before it escalates.
  • RSA; events security can serve as Responsible Service of Alcohol officers, to make sure bar-staff do not continue to serve intoxicated patrons alcoholic drinks.
  • Traffic Control; events security guards can assist host or organiser, to make sure all patrons park their vehicle’s at designated parking, so neighbouring residents or businesses don’t find patrons parking cars on their lawns or businesses premises and then complain to the Police or local council.
  • Call Taxi; Events crowd controllers can assist patrons hail  Taxi’s to take them home, most especially patrons who are too intoxicated to do so.
  • Liaise with Police; events or party security company can liaise with your local Police (with your permission) and inform them about the events a few weeks or days before. So the Police are aware of the events and may conduct extra patrols on the day, to assist your security. But only with events host or organisers permission.

Most patrons and party-goers often behave much better at parties or at an event. The moment they realise, the host or party organiser hired party security guards; the party is also taking more seriously, and the party host or organiser gains more respect during, and after the party by all and sundry.

Side Note- there would be likely increase of patrons to your events, once they are aware there would be party security or crowd control wardens at your event.

  Think Smart

Next time, you are planning to organise or host a 16th birthday or any party or event; please seriously consider events security hire, from a reputable and experienced events crowd control management company. It will save you money in the long run, and will drastically help to minimise the likelihood of incurring massive after-party bills from; landlords, venue, local council, Police, neighbours or even a lawsuit.


 What we Offer

We are an events security company in Victoria that offers a free quote, events risk assessment; to determine the right number of events security guards, event staff, events &  party crowd controllers that you might require. Our security guard rates are affordable, and we will quote you the right number of the events security guard to save you money.

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