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Security Guard | Reverse priority

Today my write up will go off the usual business tradition, and I will be focusing on the security guards, instead of the client. How important it is placing the security guards first-is very vital to making the client the number one priority! A little bit confusing right? I will explain why; one of the most critical founding principles of security concepts services is to ‘look after the security guards first!’

Security Guard | Analogy

Private security guards, if you may permit me to use the military as an example; almost any developed country in the World, always prioritise it’s army needs first, whether it is financially, health-wise and what have you. Such needs are even giving more expedient priority when they are on a military deployment, or at a war front; they often have a lot of extra financial benefits, medals, and recognition for them at such times.

The aim of looking after the army is to boost their confidence, morale and let them know their country is entirely behind them, and appreciate’s their courage and sacrifice.

The same could be said of the security guards in some ways. If you don’t pay your corporate security guards, loss prevention officers, mobile patrol security guards that you hire or employ the right wage, you most likely to have used security guards that are unmotivated, perhaps inexperience and that could pose a more significant problem for your business or events.

When the security guards you hire or employed are paid the right wage, and well looked after. They will feel appreciated, they will have high morale and be more motivated to give in their best and look after your properties, asset or event, with smiles on their face.

If the client is the number priority for your security company, then remember if you don’t look after your security guards, the client will not receive the quality service from your security officers. If you want your client to get the best service, then look after the security guards, that you will deploy to your clients business or event.

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Let the Interest of the Security Guard be Number 1.

At Security Concepts Services we believe the number one asset in a security company is the security guards, and they all deserve to be paid the right wage and appreciated!

Security is an emotional enterprise; it relies on the vigilance, alertness, training, and experience of the security guard. If the security officer is not rightly motivated or appreciated, by being paid the right wage, even the best security officer will deliver low-quality service for the employer and client.

So, client, don’t use any security company that under pay’s it’s security guards, because your Business, asset, and the facility will suffer from poor service delivery by the security guards on site.

Some of the Security Guards Services we offer Below:

  • Loss Prevention Officers
  • Shopping Centre Security
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Private Event Security
  • Party Security Guard
  • Wedding Security Guard
  • Apartment Building Security
  • Local Council Security
  • Functions Venue Security Guards
  • Factory Security
  • Manufacturing Security Guard

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