Tips to Organise a Teenage Party Security Melbourne

Teenage Party Security Melbourne

Vital Tips to Organise Your Party:  Hire Teenage Party Security Melbourne

Introduction: Teenage party security Melbourne. Our article today will explain the following: teenage party security hire tips, advantages and disadvantages of hosting the party at Home or at a Venue, how it works, and how best to go about it. We have also included some essential teenage party ideas that will make your teenager party a success!

Experienced Teenage Party Security Melbourne

We are Experts in Teenage Party Security Melbourne. We have worked in a vast amount of teenage parties, from 14th birthday day -18th birthday celebrations. Our expertise doesn’t stop there, whether it is a 16th birthday or the 21st birthday we have been a part of it.

We sometimes receive phone calls from parents, from their voice; you can feel the excitement of their kids forthcoming birthday party celebrations! But the more we continued the conversation,  we then start sensing their fears and worries!!  These fears and anxieties are genuine, some of them stem from ‘the unknown, such as: what will happen in my child’s birthday party celebrations?’ Sometimes their concerns are not just on their daughter/son, but also for the friends or guests invited to the birthday party.

As one of the best teenage party security companies in Melbourne, we can understand the parents/ guardian’s concerns, and we often do our best to manage those fears. By explaining in detail, from our party security experience; we advise them to hire teenage party security guards, and that doing so is an essential step to contain those fears and worries!

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A Celebration to Look Forward to!!!

Your daughter/son’s upcoming birthday party should be an opportunity to look back with wonder, how your little todd has grown to be a teenager. It is a moment to look back and see the hard work you as a parent has put, to bring up this pleasant personality that makes you proud!

Most importantly, it is an opportunity to look forward to your teenager birthday party with high expectation, excitement and with a huge smile on your face! Don’t let your fears or worries stand in the way of this milestone celebration!

Celebrate their birthday party knowing fully well, they will only turn 14, 16, or 18 once’s, and after that, they keep on growing to be excellent individuals!

How Do You Deal with Those Worries?

From our perspective, drop your safety concerns into the hands of some of the best teenage party security companies nearby. But before that; here is a recap, of what might have caused those fears:

  • Worried about known-uninvited guest showing up
  • Worried about gate crashers
  • Concerned about illicit drugs being consumed
  • Concerned about underage drinking
  • Concerned if the party security guards will be the right fit for your event
  • Concerned about unacceptable amorous behaviors

I like you to understand, with proper planning and choosing a specialist party security company, your teenager party will 100% be a success! And people will talk about how well organized and secure your party was!

Silent Concern Addressed: A common concern; parents, find it difficult to express is, ‘how do I hire the right teenage party security?’ As a parent to two beautiful girls, and as a security professional. I can understand these concerns, especially when they have a daughter.

It is important to note; not every security guard should or is suitable to work as a party security bouncer. Some security officers may act inappropriately towards teenage/underage patrons. So, it is vital you only hire teenage party security from a trusted and ethical teenage party security company.

Take, for example, Security Concepts Services will only deploy Victorian police licensed teenage party security, and we can assign both a Male and Female security guards. We can also send you security officers or security supervisors who have got Working With Children’s Check license, for parents peace of mind!


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Important Teenage Party  Ideas

Alcohol /RSA: It is vital that only age-appropriate teenagers are allowed to consume alcohol, and in a situation where they haven’t attained the legal drinking age. Signed written consent note from parents/guardians permitting their teen to drink must be shown to the door security guard.

The hired security guard will also conduct some Responsible Service of Alcohol duties (RSA) routinely patrolling the venue/dance-floor, making sure no one excessively drinks, and no underage drinking.

Teenage party security hire

Party Invites: It is essential before party invitation card is sent out,  include the following:

  1. ” There will be a security presence at the party”
  2. ” Parent wishing to permit their Teens to consume alcohol must send a written consent -note.

Sending invites with an important reminder like that helps increase guest turn out. Parents will feel a lot comfortable, there will be party security. You can check out kids helpline for more teen party tips, paperless post, free online party invite card maker; if you also want the best party vendor services then visit party and celebration website, they have everything party vendor you can think of; from DJs, party photographers to party planners etc.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Hosting a Party at Home vs at a Venue

Venue or Home? : Some parents grapple with this question; whether the party should be held at home or hired party venue is the best option. Well, both have advantages and disadvantages, check these tables and see for yourself:


   Hosting a Party at Home
Advantages of Party at Home Disadvantages of Party at Home
  • It is Free
  • A familiar ground
  • Easy to monitor all patrons
  • Patrons behave better
  • Much safer
  • You can offer intoxicated patrons who can’t drive a place to sleep
  • You can management any damage cost and fix it at your own time and choosing
  • You can choose not to hire security guards
  • Cost less for food, drinks and alcohol
  • A lot of after-party cleaning up
  • Cost you more on energy bills
  • Your neighbors may complain about the noise
  • Your property may get damaged
  • Space might be too small for your guest
  • Guest may feel uncomfortable to express their self
  • You could expose your home address to an unwanted guest
  • You may end up with unwanted intoxicated patron sleeping overnight
  • You may have a low turnout of patrons



Hosting a Party at a Venue 
Advantages of Party at A Venue Disadvantages of Party at A Venue
  • You don’t have to be worried about high energy bills
  • Venues may have a larger hall to accommodate your guest
  • The venue may offer bar and food service
  • The venue will  clean-up  after-party mess
  • The venue is likely to have enough parking spaces
  • The  events venue is more prepared to deal with emergencies
  • Large patron turn-out
  • Venue hire is expensive
  • Patrons easily get unruly, because they feel freer
  • May hard to find the right venue
  • A lot of venues refuse to book teenage parties
  • The venue may force you to hire security beyond your budget
  • So many restrictions and time limit
  • The venue may ask for a bond-deposit
  • You may be issued with an unrealistic damage bill



Importance of Teenage Party Security Hire 

It is essential to have a presence of teenage party security at your event; it helps in a lot of ways you might not be aware of, such as:


  • Checking guest list
  • Placing party wrist bands on invited patrons
  • Containing and isolating unruly behaviors
  • Helping with first aid
  • Helping during emergency
  • Liaising with police and other law enforcement agents
  • Dealing with neighbors’ complaints

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Conclusion: Teenage party security Melbourne: We are a premier Melbourne teenage party security company, our five stars Google reviews speak for us. We are a trusted and tested party security company in Victoria. We provide other customise security hire services. Such as retail, corporate security, building site security. Get in touch with one of our security managers to learn more about our services.

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Written by: Job Moses

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