Guide to Hire Retail Shopping Centre Security Melbourne

Shopping centre security Melbourne. The article hopes to introduce to retail security hire in Melbourne, and how to hire specialist retail security companies that will look after your shopping centre, retail store, retail events, retail warehouse distribution centres etc.

Almost every security company can offer to provide you with retail security services, but not all are specialist to retail and shopping centre security.

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Retail Shopping Centre Security Melbourne

When you think of the best retail shopping centre security Melbourne, then we can say, we understand the retail industry inside out; and we are aware that the retail store, pop-up stores or the shopping centre are concerned about how they can reduce shrinkage and also deliver the best shopping experience for their patrons and customers!

With immense retail security experience accumulated over the years, we understand how to combine retail security with quality customer service. Security Concepts services know how to carefully select the right retail security guards to deploy in our client’s retail store, shopping centre or to be part of our client’s activation.

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Like the author of this  important security book Security Adventure Service said, ‘ not every security officer is made for retail security.’ The reason is; the author (J Moses) has worked in the retail security in Melbourne for a number of years. And he discovered retail security is one that requires the retail security guard to have some following qualities:

  • A smart retail security guard
  • Posses quality customer service skills
  • Must be fit to walk, remain static for a good number of hours
  • Must know how to administer first aid, not just be first aid certified
  • Must be willing to courteously confront an offender
  • Must understand conflict resolution  & and conflict Intervention
  • Must be a retail security team player
  • Must understand the retail store, retail shopping centre site policies
  • Must understand fire and emergencies evacuation procedures
  • Must have a welcoming and commanding physical presence

The above just a few qualities a retail security guard requires; to learn more retail security officers. Please find a free copy limited copy of this book Security Adventure Service.on Amazon.

Hire Retail Security Guards From Experienced Companies

How do you choose the right retail security company that will provide security guards for your retail store or shopping centre or retail warehouse? Almost every security guard company you contact will promise you they can send you retail security officers.

But be very careful, just because they have security guards that do not make them ‘ retail security guards,’ or a ‘ retail security services provider.’ The author  of the book ” Security Adventure Service” says; ” to easily understand any community, you only need to go to its shopping centre, and you will get a clear picture of what the wider community or suburb is, by the people that patronise the shopping centre.”

So,  an example is a retail store that is situated in an ‘ economically disadvantaged suburb;’ the rate of shoplifting and violent crime are likely to be higher than a retail store which is in a ‘ wealthy suburb.’ Now, a shopping centre or retail store that is in a troubled suburb- will require retail security guards that are highly trained on conflict resolution and de-escalation. Retail security officers that are calm and cool-headed in the face of provocation and threat.

More on Shopping centre security Melbourne. Now, if the retail hire security company is not a ‘ specialised in retail security delivery,’ it will be difficult for them to understand what kind of retail security guards to deploy to the store or shopping centre and what kind of retail security guards training is required for their security officers.

Though any security guard company can send security guards to retail venues; but if the management does not have the necessary retail security experience, it is likely the security company may use your retail venue as a learning curve for their trade. It is not a bad idea for the security company to learn while on the trade- but it is dangerous for the retail venue to find itself in such a position. Because such experience could come at the expense of the retail store or retail shopping centre, having been sued by an aggrieved customer who isn’t happy with the way the inexperience instore or shopping centre security dealt with them.

Retail Security Services Melbourne: Some of  Our  Services

Though we are a specialist in retail security solutions, we also specialise in a few other areas:

  1.  Corporate security services
  2. Retail loss prevention hire
  3. Residential security guards hire
  4. Facility security management
  5. School security guards
  6. Dedicated Mobile Patrol
  7. Body corporate security hire
  8. Construction site security hire

Note, your shopping centre, /retail store security needs are very important; so, don’t hand your money over to an amateur security company that may cost you more money in the long run. I understand most shopping centres and retail stores want to save money, but there is nothing worse than to save money getting a cheap inexperienced retail security guard company- to provide you with quack services and you end up being sued for millions of dollars because of their inexperience.


Shopping centre security Melbourne, not all large security companies have retail security management experience. Always ask the security g company you are considering giving a contract or hire about their retail security experience or pedigree. So, chose carefully and choose wisely!

Final Note

All our security guards are licensed and have been trained in First Aid, RSA and crowd control duties. Provision of security guards in Melbourne is our speciality.

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Conclusion on Shopping centre security MelbourneOur Security Guards rate is affordable, and we are happy to provide you with competitive security guard hire prices.

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