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When you plan to hire party security in Melbourne or private functions security hire in Melbourne, we are not just any other party security company. But we are an experienced, reliable and dependable security company that has the right party security officers for your party or private functions! Security Concepts Services is the ideal party security company that can provide you with the exact number and size of the party security guard that would manage the doors and security of your party and functions. We can provide you with security guards that are certified to work with children. All our Party Security Guards are Licensed by the Victorian Police.

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From managing the guest list, standing at the front door, traffic management, responsible services of alcohol (RSA), bouncer duties, whatever is your requirement we are surely able to meet those legal requirements and make sure you have the smooth and pleasant party you deserve.

Security Concepts Services can do a risk assessment of your party and give you recommendations on the type of security guards, crowd controllers you may require for your party. If you are also thinking of cutting cost, Security Concepts Services can draft a cost-cutting proposal and party security officers’ arrival and finish time for your events, so you don’t have to overspend.

Knowing what company has the right party security guards in Melbourne can be a bit tricky especially with so many security companies claiming they can provide you with the right party security guards. We let our reputation and our work speak for us. Like Deanne one of our Managers, and Job Moses or Security Adventure Service, you will find our Managing Director on some newspaper based on his security industry experience. Additionally, when you type Security Adventure Service you will also discover a first of its kind in the Australian security industry, a book written to train security guards and also improve the security industry in Australia and the world. This book is not just for security officers, but can also be used for businesses, retailers and everyone who has been entrusted with the security responsibility of their business, or site.

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We give you our word, we are a professional security business with seasoned security managers and supervisors, alongside a range of highly experienced and licensed security guards and crowd controllers to look after your party.

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