Security Employment Contract Letter

Details about the security employment contract or security employee employment letter and why you need one today. I apologize for using both words ‘contract’ and ‘letter.’ Both are a single document that serves a dual purpose as a ‘contractual agreement between the security company/employer and the security guard/employee.’ It’s also called a letter because it is sent via mail or email from the employer to the employee notifying them of their new employment.

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Read This Before You Start a Security Business


Many new security companies start their business with the basics, such as:
1. Security Company License
2. Security Company Website
3. Security Company Office
4. Standard Operating Procedures

But one crucial document most new security companies don’t add in is the ‘security employment contract or letter’ to give to their new employees.

Why You Need a Security Employment Contract

It is important that every new security company engages with their security employees with a ‘security employment letter’ right from the get-go. Why is that so, and why do you even need to have a ‘security employment letter?’

Below are important reasons why:

Pay: It states how much the employee will be paid (per hour, week, month, or year). This section can also notify the security employee of the payment instruments (Award or EBA) or agreements by which the security employer will be calculating their pay rates.
Location: It helps the new security employee to know the exact location/site that the security company will want them to work. Sometimes the security company may require the employee to work on multiple sites.
Hours: The security employment contract will also state the number of hours per shift, week, or month that the employee is required to work within their contract.
Employment Conditions: This is an important part of the ‘security employment contract.’ This part states the employment conditions, such as annual leave, entitlements, responsibilities, and the notice period for termination of employment, etc.
Terms and Conditions: This section lists the behaviours and actions that are expected of the employee, as well as those that would not be condoned, which could lead to employment suspension or termination.

As you can see from the above points, the employment contract letter is essential for any employer or business to have from the moment they start their business and begin employing new staff.

More Reasons Why You Need the Security Employment Contract Letter:
 It helps the employer to have a written agreement with the employee
 The employment contract serves as a legal document before the courts or any workers relations tribunals
 It helps the employee understand the security company expectations, cultures, and vision
 It helps dispel any ambiguity in regards to employee pay, etc.
 It helps the employer/business look legitimate before the employee and other stakeholders
 It serves as a performance benchmark for the employee and for the security business to refer to where any breaches to the terms and conditions have been broken
 It makes the job of HR easier in dealing with any misconduct or performance issues from the employee.

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What To Do Next?

If your security business doesn’t have a security employment letter or contract, I will encourage you to create one for your business. They are easy to make, and it helps your business and employee understand the exact relationship you have.

Security’ in this article means any person working in the security industry; whether as a security guard, bodyguard/close personal protection, private investigator, security installer, etc.

Where We Can Help Your Business

In case you find it difficult to create an employee employment contract on your own, or you simply don’t have the time to create one, then we can help you.

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This employment letter is easy to edit whether your business is in the security industry or outside security. All you need to do is:
– Add your company names
– Add new employee names
– Add the pay rates for your employee
– Add employment conditions (casual, full, or part-time)

You can choose to edit ‘security’ to the particular industry your business operates in. We have written terms and other conditions, but you can go through them, remove, or add what you think might apply to your business, state, territory, or country legislations or acts.

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