Security Employee Training and Induction Why Your Business Needs It

Having a good security employee training and induction is an important step in running your security services company.
Training and inducting your security officers help your business to provide quality and professional security personnel to your client.
Today we will be discussing why it is important that every single security officer/employee you engage in your business or subcontract is first trained and inducted onsite (at your business/online) before you deploy them offsite (customer’s premises).

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Security Employee training and Induction Definitions
Induction means, providing your new security employee with the essential awareness and knowledge about what is expected of them on their jobs or roles. Also, induction and training entail that your new security employees are fed with the right sets of information, knowledge and skills of what they are expected to do, what they would face and how they are expected to react most professionally.
Security employee training and induction process-means, all new security officers recruited follow through a pattern of carefully designed training/induction contents that focuses on impacting the security personnel with specific expert knowledge, so their task and duty delivery will have quality written all over it!

What Next?

Do you want to deliver a quality service to all your clients? Then you need to provide quality security personnel. Employing good security guards is not good enough! You need to provide these security officers with proper inhouse training. These training and induction can be in person, or you can go with the online security employee training and induction, which is the most popular option.

How to Achieve This?

You can induct and train your security officers using the following methods:
o Standard Operating Procedures for security guards (SOP)
o Training Manuals for Security Officers
o Tool Box Training for Security Guards
o Client Site General-Site Induction
You can use all the above to train and induct your new or even older security employees.

Standard operating procedure: the standard operating procedure can be used to train your security personnel the moment you employee them. Send a copy of the SOP to the officer ask them to read, sign and send it back to you or site supervisor. Also, make sure every permanent site your business is contracted to has its own site-specific SOP’s.
Training Manuals: these are very vital to have in your security company. You can have the manual-forms or the online training portal (LMS). Whatever model you chose; it is important that your security company has training manuals for your employees. These security training manuals helps your business to train and induct your security officers on specific skills and knowledge that they will require to deliver quality security service to your clients and their patrons!

Some training and induction manuals are:
– Customer service training and induction manuals for security personnel
– First Aid response training manuals for security officers
– WHS training manuals for security officers
– Conflict management and response training manuals for security personnel
– Working at events training manuals
These training manuals will provide your employees with the right information and specific professional knowledge that is not captured in your SOP’s. They also provide quiz/test for your employees to undertake; so, you can gauge their current knowledge and skills proficiency.
Take note, to continue to improve and refresh on your employee knowledge, capabilities and skills; you will need to get them to undergo this training and induction every 6-12months.
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Toolbox training: this type of training and induction are often done on a permanent site, through a set of periodic (weekly or monthly) information pack briefing on current-worksite safety updates or requirements.
Client general site induction: most client sites have their own set of induction that provides the contracted security officer with some form of introduction, familiarisation, policies and procedures on working in that particular site. The client may provide the security officers with such induction every 12 months.

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Importance of Training and Induction for your Business

o Sets your business and security employee’s apart from your competitors
o Helps your security business provide more professional and quality guards
o Stands your business-out during the tendering process and that might give you an edge over your competitors to win the security contract
o Helps your business transfer knowledge to all your personnel so they can deliver their security services according to your security company/business values and standards
o Helps your employees have a reference to turn to when they are stuck on how to respond or carry on their duties


AT Least Training Your Security Officers/Employees Evert 12 Months

Do you train/re-train your security officers at least once every 12 months, before or while at the client site, using SOP or Training/Induction Manuals?

Below is a limited list of reasons why you should:

  1. It helps improve the quality service delivery of your security employees
  2. Training your security employe saves your security firm and your client money in the long term.-with less customer complaint against you or your client
  3. Providing your security employee regular refresher training helps make your security-firm a preferred security provider for the 10%-client (clients who value quality over saving a few dollars)
  4. Clients, employees take your security firm more seriously, and you look more professional
  5. It helps your client have confidence in your service/business

There are so many reasons why using quality Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) or Training Manuals/Materials to train your security employee is so important.

Just because you are a small security provider or sub-contractor security company that doesn’t mean you should not train and provide refresher training for your security officers/employee. I think it should be the more reason why should. It helps your security firm stay competitive and win good security work/contract.

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I am sure you will agree with me that your security company, employee’s and client all desire quality service and that having the right security training and induction material is vital in delivering quality security service!
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