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Today, we will be writing about school security guard services. When the idea of school safety security comes up, many parents and guardians may feel very uneasy about having private security officers inside their child’s school. They might ask, whether it is appropriate to have security guards inside the schoolyard or premises?


As an industry security expert with many years of experience;  and having had the privilege to work as a school security officer. Such as primary school security guard, high school security guard, to a university security guard; I will say yes, schools may sometimes require the presence of private security guards. Maybe not all schools, each school security situation may defer from the other.

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School Security Guard Hire Services

Take, for example, some schools may require 24/7 security guards presence; others may only require security officers during schools events, after school hours or during the holidays.


 Important Reasons Why You May Hire Security Guards For Schools

There are so many essential reasons why a school might call upon the services of a private security company that provides school security hire. Some of the reasons could be;

  • Due to threats made to the school
  •  School lock-down security hire
  • After experiencing vandalism or theft
  • After  an assault on staff or student
  • School anti-bullying security  foot patrols
  • During schools events (such as open day, fete, second-hand book sales etc)
  • Year 12 graduation security hire
  • Staff or student parties security hire
  • Family and student dance disco  security hire


School Security Guard Services: License’s


There are so many endless reasons why you may hire school security guards. The school security guards could be a male or, female school security guard, depending on client request.  You can request the school security guards to come with Working With Children Check License (WWCC) and also have a private security guard license.


Take note,  all private security guards in Australia are supposed to be licensed, fingerprinted and police checked by the Australian Federal Police. But you must be careful, as there are some dubious security companies, that will supply you unlicensed security officers; you can ask the company to provide copies of the security license of every guard they will be deploying to your school or events.


Vival Importance of School Security Guard Services


Students and Staff Safety: In a situation where a student, staff or parents are faced with any personal threats around the school grounds. The school can call upon the services of a school private security guards, to help protect any student, teacher or parent who feels unsafe while at the school. The school security guards presence sends an important message to all parents, guardians, students, teachers and the general public that the school authorities take the safety of all concerned seriously!

Also, would be trouble makers will get a clear message, that they won’t be allowed to operate freely around the school and their trouble is not welcomed.

Early Morning Students Watch:  In a situation whereby working-parents drop their kids early to school, around 8 am and school starts at 9 am. You might not have enough teachers available, to keep an eye on the students before classes start. A private security guard, with a Working With Children’s Check, wearing a safety hi-vis vest; could help your school monitor the students in the playground until the bell rings and they move to their classes.

You could hire female or male security officers for this role and you can keep them until after the morning recess/break.


Students or Staff Escorts:  In the event, a student or staff feels unsafe to walk to their car, bus stop, or home after school hours. The school can ask the school security guard to escort them to the car park, or where there is a contracted school security mobile patrol, the school can ask the mobile patrol officer to drive the student or staff home.


Foot Patrols: Where a school is experiencing unruly behaviour from a particular group of students/individuals; the school can employ the services of private security guards for schools, to patrol school grounds, especially around any hot spot within the school.

The patrol can be for an extended period until the school principal feels satisfied or feels peace and calm has been restored around the school, and all threats have been removed.

I will also add, that the private security company for schools that you will hire, must have guards that are, experienced and well-built security guards. Physical presence and experience are the most essential skills required in this scenario, for the unruly student/person to take the school security officer and school authority seriously.

Note: The school security guards are not hired to fight the students, but to patrol around and if possible engage the offending student/person in a polite discussion.

Anti Bullying Watch: Is your school experiencing fellow student bullying other students, or maybe bullying teachers or staff members? Well if you have tried every school anti-bullying policy and procedure and you still you haven’t achieved the desired results.

Then we will advise you to engage the services of a school security company, that will hire school security guards to assist your school to minimise or contain the bullying situation. If you are unable to find the right security company around you, then Security Concepts Services can help you provide the best school security anti-bullying strategies, school security guards, to discourage, prevent and stop bullying.


Our school security guards will work according to the client anti-bullying policy and procedures; and we will design a new anti-bullying procedure specifically for your school, to help solve the bullying issues.


First Aid Response: I like to remind anyone reading this blog, that security officers in Australia are also trained and certified level 2, first aid officers. And a lot of security guards are very experienced in applied first aid in an emergency situation. So when you hire a school private security guard, you are also hiring a first aid officer.

In school first aid emergency, you can call upon your school security guards to assist before the Paramedics arrive: remember to ask the security company to send you an experienced first aid trained security officer.

School Security Guard Services: More Tips

School Risk Management: You can employ a school security guard company to conduct a school risk and assessment, or if you are in Victoria you can check this Link for School Safety Management Policy.

Federal Government Funding: If you are a school principal or staff, and are concerned about the cost of hiring school security guards; please follow this Link and read about Federal Government Funding for schools security service. It may cost you nothing if your school gets approved for school security funding.

To learn more about school security services, please read one of our blog  ‘ Private Security Guard for Schools.”

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