Retail And Shopping Centre Security

Retail Security Guards Melbourne

Shopping Centre Security And Retail Loss Prevention

We are a Melbourne retail shopping centre security company, that provides highly trained, uniformed and professional security officers for retail stores and, shopping centres. Our retail security services personnel can conduct roving or static patrols.

Our retail security officers can perform bag checks, inside store or shopping centre roving patrols. Our retail security personnel can also assist your retail staff or management (if requested to do so) in other retail duties, while also welcoming all patrons and customers with a smile!

We are a retail security company that understands how challenging it is to attract customers into your store or shopping centre. And our retail security guards are trained, to be courteous and to look after all our client's patrons and customers! Our experienced retail security personnel are also trained in security services operations and quality customer service delivery.

We are an Industry leader in retail security services in Melbourne, and we will deploy only the best retail security guards that will fit in with your store, business and brand.

Retail Loss Prevention

We also provide retail loss prevention officers. Whether it is open, undercover or covert loss prevention services, you require. We are a Retail Security Services Company with the experience, manpower and capabilities to provide your store, business with the best trained licensed retail loss prevention officers (LPO) and retail security guards. Our loss prevention officers will deploy our exclusive and unique retail loss prevention techniques to help reduce your shrinkage and improve sales.

Our retail loss prevention officers work in tandem with the store manager/staff and also retail centre security for your peace of mind.

Our loss prevention officers will also liaise with the Victorian Police (if requested by the retail store). We are professional and discreet in the way and manner we carry out our work in your store and centre.

Static Guard Duties

Our retail security guards can perform front door, static security. Welcoming all customers into your store and also performing customers bag searches if required to do so.

Roving Patrols

Our retail security guards and undercover security officers can conduct discrete internal patrols, inside the shopping centre or store, to make sure they keep a watchful eye on your stocks and patrons who might be acting suspiciously.

CCTV Monitoring

We will deploy retail security guards to your store or shopping centre who are capable of operating CCTV systems and monitor all retail security situations,create footage for management or police use and also adhere to retail store or shopping centre CCTV Terms of use and Privacy Policies.

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