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With our industry-leading retail security book/training manual ‘SECURITY ADVENTURE SERVICE’ is a testimony of our expertise in understanding Retail and Shopping Centre Security and Loss Prevention.

We are a retail shopping centre security Victoria that knows the shopping centre and retail security inside and out. Below we have outlined some of the security tasks, the retail security guards we deploy to our client’s stores or shopping centre will be performing.

When it comes to Retail shopping centre security Victoria, it all boils down to two words’ Customer Service!’ As an expert retail security guard company, we will supply your shopping centre or store with carefully selected retail security officers and crowd controllers; who are specially trained in retail customer service and well-suited for you retail shopping centre or store.

Security Concepts Services understands the importance of highly trained and certified First Aid security officers for our client’s retail shopping centre. The retail security officers will be assigned to your shopping centre or stores will be exceptional in First Aid response deliver. Not only responding to First Aid but also understanding that the retail security guard is the first point of contact between the customer and the retail shopping centre management. Therefore, our guards will make sure your customers requiring First Aid assistance, are well cared for with utmost professionalism while also adhering to store, and centreSecurity Operating Procedures (SOP).

From our retail security experience, the manner the security officer professionally cares for a customer during the first aid response; reduces the likelihood by which the customer would want to go for a claim against the retail store or shopping centre.

Mobile and Foot Patrol

As an expert retail security services company, we will supply security officers that will conduct day time roving/foot patrols in and around the store or shopping centre. And also mobile patrols at night or day time if required.

Incident Reporting & Daily Log

We will supply your shopping centre with some of the best retail security officers. These security guards will be trained in incident report writing and management. Also, we will make sure all incidents are captured in a sophisticated and professional format. The daily log for your shopping centre will be accurate, timely and forwarded to management daily.

The above is only a brief description of the task, duties and responsibilities that the retail security guards we will deploy to your site will perform. Every retail store or shopping centre is different, and we explicitly work base on our client’s request and procedures and at the same time provide expert retail shopping centre security strategies and recommendation to your centre/business.

Retail Security Guards Training

As an expert security consulting company that cerate’s, write and support other security businesses with highly sort after; security training manuals, policy and procedure documents. You are sure to have all your security guards and crowd controller periodically trained and supported to deliver professional service at your shopping centre Victoria or store!

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