Retail Security Guards Tips for Safer Shopping

Retail Security Guards

Retail Security Guards Tips for Safer and Memorable Shopping!


Retail security guards: You may be wondering why on earth would anyone require ’safety tips’ before they visit the shopping centre? A few years ago, I might have asked a similar question. But, after working as a retail security guard at a major shopping centre in Melbourne, Victoria. I was shocked by what I witnessed, surprised by questions patrons, and customers often asked the hired retail shopping centre security !

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Then I thought hold-on; writing an insightful article like this may help a few shoppes/people stay out of harm’s way, save others money, help someone make a better judgement, and save them money while visiting the shopping centre. And another important goal is to improve the patron or customer  ‘shopping experience;’ to shop better, smarter and safer!

I apologise beforehand because this is going to be a long discourse, filled with enlightening, entertaining, and common-sense advice and safety tips. So, you might want to read in parts to enjoy the whole article.

You have to understand my experience working in the retail shopping centre led me to write an inspiring book filled with heaps of hilarious true crime stories called SECURITY|ADVENTURE|SERVICE (check eBay, Amazon or google for more about the book)

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Best Time to Shop: It depends on what exactly you hope to achieve, but if you are looking to shop in peace, I will suggest you go on Monday mornings, most people are at work or are dropping their kids off to school. You will find the car parks empty, and less patron traffic within the Shopping Centre’s. Also, Sunday mornings before 11:30 AM is a good time too.

Don’t try to steal I know a majority of people that visit shopping centres are genuine shoppers and good people, but I have seen scenarios where the ‘genuine shopper’ thinks no one is watching and they steal an item, NOTICE-there is cameras on almost every angle at the shopping centre and the retail stores. You will be apprehended when you steal, and it’s not worth you get a criminal record because of something you can afford but decide to steal.

Never-Ending Sales: There are retail stores you will notice, they are always having one phoney sale or the other, or you might see they have this perpetual ‘‘50% OFF’ for the gazillion years and that ‘‘50% OFF’ never changes- that goes to show it’s kind of ‘false advertising’; because when an item is always ‘‘50% OFF’ then something is wrong somewhere.

Price Hackers: These set of people have always got tons of time in their hands, you see them walk around the shopping centre, sometimes asking the retailers questions about items, but they never buy anything. I wonder if checking out prices is a therapy for them. But I thought to call them ‘price-hackers,’ take note- they are harmless and often are nice people who enjoy browsing through prices!

Entry Policies: A good number of shopping centres have got similar Conditions of Entry in Australia, though there might be slight variations in their policies.

Such Entry Policies are posted at the Entry of each entry doors, if possible, read it before you enter.

Example, some shopping centres have no pets allowed inside, no professional photography inside, no bicycles allowed inside, no smoking within some areas of the shopping centre, if you’re not sure of your local shopping centre entry policy to ring them beforehand and ask.

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