0128 How to Win or Get a Security Contract (Tutorial)


DIY Tender/Contract + Management Plan

DIY Tender + Management Plan Pack

Management Plan
With over x50 high-quality word document and easy word-edit. This Pack Comes with our Integrated Management Plan that is designed with (ISO:9001:2015, 1SO:1400:2015, ISO:45001:2018) in mind. This Integrated Management Plan is for Quality, Health & Safety, Environment combined with Risk Management.
Our Management Plan is suitable for Security, Cleaning, Office/Business, Retail and other occupations.
This Management system contains numerous documents such as Management Policies, Business Continuity Plan etc.

Disclaimer: purchasing this Pack that does not make your business ISO certified, but it offers you a professional written Management Plan-System that can be used with an Independent-Auditor to Certify your business if you so choose.

Bonus After Purchase Free Documents
Purchase this Pack and get any of our Packs, SOP or Business Plan on Half Price (this offer exclude sale price!)
Bonus: Free 2 hours consulting via email or phone (valued at $60ph ) for Security Business/Master Licenses Application or Security Company Business Development (upon request after you purchase this document)
If you are applying for LRD Security Business License, we can provide you (upon request) with ‘ Employer Responsibility’, and ‘Newspaper’ add template free of no cost!

To learn more about why you need these documents and their uses, please click on this Link.
For new or established companies looking for high-quality Management Plan for Tender, Training and Improving Business Operations and can be used for External Auditor to Certification for your business
Extras: please email info@securityconcepts.com.au to let us know if you wish to add any extras after purchase:
To post hard copy: $120 extra.
To help you edit these documents based on your specifications: $199 extra.
Extra request: please send us an email if you require a customized documents-combination we don’t have listed on our shop/packs!


Contains a single 2000+ word documents with insightful tutorials, ideas, strategies to help any new or establish security services business source, and get security tenders-contracts.

These tutorials contain in-depth but easy to understand Security Industry + Proven Digital Strategies to position your business as a client + contract ready business!

Are you wondering, how do I get clients for your security business, or how do you get a contract for your security company? Then this information is for you. If you are serious about moving to the next level or wanting to convert a casual security client, understanding how to go for the right tender, turning your security services website as a tool to get contracts and increase your client base while boosting your revenue, then get this document now!

Business Development Advice
If you purchase this Pack, you will be eligible for our Master-Class Business Development Advice-Guidance for your new or established Security Services Company for only an additional $370 (for on the phone + email coaching-advice, for 2 days per week for 3 weeks) Originally Valued at $550
This Business development guide focus on the following:
1. Being Tender Reader for Contracts
2. Checking how SEO-Digitally ready is Your Business-Website
3. Strategies to Increase Traffic-Clients to Your Business
4. Website Contents Check
5. Compliance and Relevant Security Documents
6. Review of Your Past Strategies and Advice for Improvement
7. Business Diversification Strategies
8. Business Expansion or Shrinkage Strategies
9. Recommendations for Business Growth
10. Listen to Your Concerns
11. Pricing Structure and Strategy
12. And many more


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