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Introduction: Whether you require medical clinic security, hospitals Security, Pharmacy Security Guards, or any sort of static security officers, today’s blog will help you understand the benefits of going with either big security officers and not so big.

Are you contemplating to hire Big Security Guards, small security guards or any size security guards?  Our blog today would explain the pros and cons of hiring of big, small or any sizes security guards, and how to get the maximum benefit from any size of security guards you hire or have at your site, enjoy the read!

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Business Owner or Event Owner? Read Through

Note; this article will help any business or event owner not just those wanting hospital and pharmacy security guards.

I have come across a few clients who make this request, ‘please I want you to send big security guards.” I do have great respect for all clients and business owners, regardless of the request they make.

I also understand the client wants the best for their business or events when it comes to the caliber the security officers, security guards they hire or employ, who wouldn’t want the best?

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I want to Hire Big Security Guards Question?

Now back to the question, does the physical size of the security guard matter? My answer to this question won’t be a straight forward one; I would say it may be a little tricky question to give a straight answer.

I apologize beforehand if any security professional find these questions or article offensive, the aim is not to discriminate or humiliate, but to highlight individual strengths and weaknesses irrespective of their physical build of the security guard.

This discourse also aims to provide the client with some insights so, they can have a better understanding of how things work in the security industry; that experience and self-discipline are some of the critical qualities of ‘the right’ security guard, and not just physical size or gender!

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Big Security Guards-Answer?

Answer; my answer would be a No and a Yes, please don’t be disappointed yet with my response/answer, I will explain myself-further, and it may help you see things from a different perspective.

Why ‘a No?’  the security industry has moved on from what it used to be in the days, where anyone can just walk to the police station and get a note/license, and off you go, those were the day’s of macho-men getting most security gigs. Today in Australia before you become a security officer, security guard, loss prevention officer, bodyguard etc. You must go through accredited security training school,  and Australia Federal Police background check, before the state police or department of Justice (depends on the state or territory) issue you with a private security License.

Security Training

Some security companies and clients also provide further security training to their employees, and other times you find individual security guards undergoing personal development training and courses to improve their knowledge and learn new skills.

Skilled Security Guard

Security has evolved to be an industry that relies more on security officers that have got real-life experience, well trained, smart and switched-on. Security guards who are highly skilled in customer service, conflict resolution and conflict de-escalation, OH & S,  in other words; size does not matter but having a switched-on security guard is what matters, not the physique of the security guard.

Perhaps you are not convinced yet with my ‘No’ answer. For example- I used to work with a security guard who ’s perhaps 5’7inc, he was in his mid-60’s but is very good at being a security guard. He wasn’t just a small framed security officer- he was well trained, smart and seasoned security guard, additionally, he is trained in martial arts and he could put into submission/restrain any offender no matter their size.

Take note, I am not advocating for violence, but I am trying to say-sometimes the not so big security guard might have some extra skills that the bigger security guard does not possess.

More Examples?

Another example, there are security guards who haven’t got a big physique but are gifted in conflict de-escalation, customer service. And the manner and way they approach unhappy or aggressive patrons they speak so good you may think they just poured a jar of cool-aid on the heart of the offensive and angry patrons.

Why do you think they might be excellent in their communication and conflict response? One of the reasons is- they know they don’t have the massive frame or size for a fight- so they rely more on their words, by being smart and level headed to calm a tense situation.

Personal Experience

From personal experience, I have observed most sites or businesses that have security guards that are not in the big-side, such sites tend to have fewer issues (fights, complaints) between security guards and patrons. And the reason is- just like I said earlier, the smaller size security guard already knows they don’t have the size advantage- so they often operate more smatter and safer!

Why  ‘ Yes?’ I said ‘Yes,’ size does matter sometimes. My ‘yes’ is from a perspective of  ‘ presence!’ Take for example at the nightclubs, most patrons come into the  club as responsible, cheerful and good citizens, by the time the party is over- you find a few of those ‘once so good patrons’ after having had a handful to drink, suddenly start  behaving badly and wanting to start a fight.’

Night Club-scene, I am sure you have witnessed a few fights that get stopped by the share-presence of the big-build night club bouncer (big security guard)? For some reason- incoherent and aggressive people tend to respect the language of size- the moment they see a big security guard, bouncer they tend to behave more civil or are more willing to negotiate; or should I say, the big-sized security guard presence tend to act as an antidote for aggressive patrons?

Sometimes Big Security Guards Matters

Why size matters, sometimes security operations is about ‘body language.’ It’s not just in Night clubs alone, but a lot of businesses, establishments that have issues with aggressive patrons, when they later hire a significant size or well-built security guard, security officers at their business, that tend to make the troublemakers disappear, or instead not wanting to toy with the bigger security guards.

big security guards

Drawbacks of Big Security Guards

There are times the big framed security guard are more prone to be picked on by patrons for a fight. So, sometimes the big size attracts the attention of troublemakers. I have seen some crazy patrons who- have no strength to even fight a ‘daddy long leg,’ but are willing to risk it with a security guard who is twice their size? Why do they do that?

1. They want to make a name.

2 They might be the offending party; but picking a fight with the big security guard, often makes them appear to be the victim.

3. Some patrons/people hate anything that is symbolic of authority, just as they may dislike the Police officer for no good reason, such individuals may listen to a smaller size security officer when they are approached, but would never listen to a bigger size security Officer.

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Medical Clinic Security, Hospital and Pharmacy Security Guard Example

Take for example a place like Hospitals that deals with a lot of violent patients, there are times where such violent patients might need to be physically restrained. A well-trained hospital security guard, who’ is also well built, and supported by the right hospital patient-restraint procedures; would be in a better position to do such restraint task and do it well. Compared to allowing under-trained and possibly physically-small hospital security guards, who are not strong enough to take on such task.

Static Pharmacy Security Guards: make sure you ask the security company to send guards that are WELA:

  1. Ensure your  static pharmacy security guards are Well presented
  2. Ensure your  static pharmacy security guards are Eloquent and good communicators
  3. Ensure your static pharmacy security guards are Licensed, trained in customer service and security operations
  4. Ensure your  static pharmacy security guards are Are comfortable with static duties

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 SOP’s Tip

An important tip is to get site, hospital, pharmacy, event-specific security operational procedures  (SOP) This will help the security officer deployed to you business or event to be trained and explicitly inducted to your site or business requirements and standard.

Also, try and assemble an excellent team of security guards that are well trained, smart and strong-not necessary big. Try and make sure the group of your security guards, security officers have the right balance, like having security guards of all sizes( bigger and smaller security guards), who are switched-on, they will complement each other and deliver an outstanding security service for your business or event.

Balance is Required

The aim of this write-up is not to discriminate on anyone, but to point to the unique strengths of all security guards of various physical sizes.

Another important advice I will suggest to a client, event organizer, business owner or someone who is looking to hire or contract a security company or security guard  to look after their business or event is; size does not necessarily matter- but what is of most importance is having ‘a well trained’ security officer, security guard who has got specific industry experience, self-discipline, and self-control and whose actions are always in line with security acts, site policies and the law.

I Want To Hire Big Security Guards

The client is not interested in being dragged to court, because of the bad decision of a security officer. The client is more interested in scoring positive feedback and review from its patrons and customers when it comes to the security guards hired.

Conclusion: Try and employ or contract smart security officers, security guards who have got site-specific experience in the field you require them to work. Take note- a single-field knowledge might be irrelevant to another area of security, you could find a security guard who has been working in the industry for over 30 years, but they have only worked at the sea-port all their security life. The 30 years’ experience may be irrelevant when he’s employed to work in a shopping center; because the sea-port and shopping center are entirely two different working environments.

Always try and get a switched-on security guard. If you perceive the security officer is smart, and intelligent but don’t have the necessary site or event experience, I will advise you employing them, and invest in their site or event training.

Security guard’s duties these days are more about customer service than anything else; though there are certain situations at events, sites that you might require big and strong security guards. I hope I don’t come across as biased, but that’s not what am trying to do, I am only trying to be realistic, and also look after the safety of the Security Guard.

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What Are Your Thoughts?

I will like to hear your thoughts regarding this article. I write from personal security experience, and also  I have covered a similar interesting topic in my recently published book ‘SECURITY|ADVENTURE|SERVICE.’

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