A story about my first security guard Job. Mount Martha A beautiful and scenic suburb in Melbourne Australia, Enjoy the read!

Thank you for reading my latest blog; This blog will tell you about my first shift as a security guard, and also a little about the community’ ‘ Martha Victoria, Australia, where I did the shift! And it will help you understand a little bit of what it’s like being a security guard.

Well, it’s been almost six years since I did this particular party security guard gig at Mount Martha. Can you believe it,  this specific job was my first security guard job in Australia? Yes, that was my first party security guard job also in Melbourne!

I thought I had written a lot about party security and many other security guards blog. Now I have decided to start writing about my experience in various event security or party security jobs, which I have been privileged to work.

I will make sure I do not disclose the client’s names, address and occupation, for privacy reasons. Also, I hope this blog will shed light on our security guards experience when it comes to security guards in Melbourne or providing security guards in Victoria.

Another reason is to perhaps, help new security guards or security officers, who are searching to read interesting security guard stories, that will help them prepare for life into their new found career. I believe, it is one of the most exciting goals of this security guard blog post!

I will also make this blog post into a series; it will be mainly of past security guards’ job I have done, and one other goal our security company hopes to achieve, is to educate the reader about different suburbs in Victoria and also educate them about security guards in Melbourne.

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My Mount Martha Security Experience

I was told by my old employer a major security company in Melbourne; that I will be doing working as a party security guard at Mount Martha. I had no idea where Mount Martha was. I have never heard of the name before. Well, that doesn’t matter, what matters to me then, was my first security guard job in Melbourne!

I was told what to wear, ‘ black shoes, shirts and pants,’ I did. I was also informed, I would be working with another party security guard; he was more experienced than I was. The other problem was, I had no car. So, I had to catch a train and meet the other security officer, who will then give me a lift in his car to the party address.

I met with the other party security officer, and he asked me ‘ if I had a black jacket?’ I said ‘ no.’ Then he told me to buy one. I quickly ran into a Chinese $2 store and got  a cheap $30 black puffer jacket.’


My Mount Martha Security Experience | Party Time

Now I am ready  for the party, or should I say ‘ party security?’ Hehe. Well, It was an 18th birthday party. A milestone birthday if I will add. The kids there were very respectful, friendly and it was an easy party security guard job for my mate and myself.

To be honest, I enjoyed it; because this was the first time in my life, I am working as a party security guard in Melbourne, and seeing young adult give me some respect- even though I was no different from them. I was just a party security guard, with a lanyard around my neck. It felt good to be a security guard!

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Security Guard Mount Martha | About Mount Martha

Because the party was at night, I wasn’t able to view Mount Martha the way I would have wanted. I later discovered Mount Martha is a beautiful place in Victoria, with great beaches and lush bushland surrounding it. It is a peaceful and ambient suburb in Victoria. Most of its residents, I will classify as wealthy and friendly people.



The Jacket, I bought that day, I gave it to my Rainbow Lorikeet, I use it on her cage. And it still reminds me of my first security guard Job in Melbourne.

I will encourage you to visit Mount Martha; it is a beautiful tourist destination; it is mountainous, with a scenic route, beaches and bushland.

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