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Melbourne Factory Security Hire. Today’s blog will focus on one of our crucial  Factory security guards hire services that we provide. As you read further, you will understand that this article is not just to inform our readers about our Factory Security Services, but also to educate you on how to protect your factory, facilities, warehouse or places of worship from dangerous arm scenarios or intrusion.

Such dangerous scenarios include armed intrusion into your facility or terrorist attack. As you read further, you will learn some simple everyday techniques and tactics, of armed/terrorist attacks and important tips on how to protect your factory or facilities from such unwanted incidents.


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Armed/ Terrorism Background

A unique example citing, terrorism attack on places of worship. The right-wing extremist terrorist attack in Christchurch New Zealand Mosque on Friday 15th of March 2019 will change the way ‘security for places of worship in New Zealand, Australia and around the World would be looked at.

In this ‘Melbourne Factory Security Hire’ blog, a place of worship means Churches, Synagogues, Mosque Gurdwara, Temples, etc. Terrorist attacks (like in Christchurch) tend to have a reverberating effect. You may find other right-wing extremists trying to replicate similar terrorist acts, or you could see other religious terrorist groups trying to retaliate and take revenge on other places of worship.

The aim of this blog is not to create fear, panic or division; the goal is to draw the attention of managers or overseers of the various place of worship of the current need to improve security around there facility.

Before I proceed any further if you require funding to provide security at your place of worship in Australia, the government is able to provide free community safer funding for your place of worship in Australia, Please visit for more details


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Back to Melbourne Factory Security Hire

Now lets return to Factory and Facility Security matters. One of the ways to beef up security around your Factory and Facility, will be to contact the best security companies nearby to provide round the clock security guard presence. Or you could have security officers deployed to man/patrol your facilities at night, weekends, turnaround maintenance or during emergency situations.  You may also choose to follow your company risk management advice and decide when best to hire private security guards.

If you are in Australia, here is a Link, to National Counter Terrorism Advisory System.

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Melbourne Factory Security Hire | Police Liaison

I like to mention that liaising with local police regarding the security/safety of your Factory or Facility and employees is one important step to take, before contracting a security company to provide Factory security guards .


Installing CCTV cameras outside and inside your  Factory or Facility is also very important. Because there is a likely hood you might get armed intruder wanting to break into your factory and steal expensive equipments; especially if your Factory or Facility is situated in a neighbourhood is in an isolated industrial area.

Security Guards

Back to the hiring of security guards; once again if you have any immediate concern about a threat or safety issue at your Factory or Facility , I will advise you ring ‘000’ or contact your local police and make a report.

The hiring of security guards is essential because the physical presence of security officers patrolling your Factory or Facility makes your expensive equipment well protected and possibly reduces your insurance premium. It also sends a message to anyone planning to steal, attack your site , know that they are being watched and would possibly get arrested and face prosecution.


Melbourne Factory Security | Important Advice

Experience: I will add another piece of advice; before you engage security companies to provide security for your Factory or Facility; ask if they could try and include as part of the team, at list one security personnel who is vastly experienced in facility or asset protection. The purpose of this particular request is to make sure you have the most experienced and capable hands leading your Factory or Facility  security-team; your asset are worth millions, so much only the best are deployed to look after such.

In situation’s where the security services provider might not find a security guard who has similar  past experience in Factory or Facility ; I would recommend you ask the contractor nominate/deploy any other reliable and experienced security officer to lead the security team at your facility.


Car Park: This particular security advice will be focused on strategic planning,  build and design.  There have been so many occasions where thieves, armed offenders or terrorist have used vehicles that are packed with explosives for their terrorist attack. One such example was the first terror attack on the 21st of February 1993 on the World Trade Centre in New York.

There have been so many such examples, from Nigeria, Iraq, to Afghanistan, where the terrorist preferred method of causing a maximum casualty, is to use a motor vehicle with as many tons of explosive as possible.

                    Melbourne Factory Security Hire | Strategies:

If your Church, Mosque, Synagogue or Temple has already been built, and you are only looking to improve the security of your place of worship against any possible terrorist attack. Then it is important that you create a strategic car park allocation system.

A system where, all employees that will be using your car parks, during working hours with a large number of people, each will be allocated parking tickets.  Before such tickets are allocated, each vehicle owner would have to register with the reception, indicating the kind of vehicle that will be parked.

Make sure all the details of the persons that would be driving each car is also collected. Always give priority to such parking arrangements to visitors or unknown vehicles. Often, it is strangers who are likely to attack your Factory or Facility.

Vehicles that are not registered, should be advised to park as far away as possible from your Factory or Facility. Also, don’t forget to give them forms to fill if they are planning to park their cars inside your car park in the future.

Make sure,  vehicle registration and driver details are current and can be officially verified. So you avoid collating false information.

You can choose to implement this system yourself or seek an expert car park or security company to assist you with this strategy and its implementation.

Car Park Design

It is crucial when building your Factory or Facility that the car park is constructed strategically, with the security and safety of your employees and building in mind.

When building your car parks, the further it is from your factory/ work area the better. Try and avoid making your car parks beneath your Factory or Facility. If possible, it should be detached from the main building. The reason is; to avoid being impacted by possible explosion and projectiles.

Vehicle Movement

Only registered and authorized vehicles should be allowed to drive closer to the place of worship. Preventing unknown or hostile vehicle coming close to where a large number of people are gathered should be your goal.

Metal Detectors: This is one of my favorite devices ‘metal detectors.’ Metal detectors could be handheld ‘ Wand,’ or they could be Entry Doors designed or some to mentioned later.  One of their primary purposes is to scan every patron, congregant, faithful entering the place of worship, to make sure they don’t have any prohibited metals on them. Such metals could be knives, guns or other dangerous weapons that could be used by terrorists to inflict maximum carnage.

Airports often have such devices, and stadiums often deploy held Wand to prevent dangerous weapons being brought into the airport or stadiums. Your place of worship can also invest in such security technology; most especially if you are located in a place, you suspect terrorist could be operating.


Bag Pack: Watching one of the Sri Lankan terrorists attackers entering a church with a bag pack filled with explosives, led me to include this. A school bag pack filled with amateur made explosives could cause a devastating carnage on any place of worship, just like what we saw in Sri Lanka.

Most places of worship, are a place of friendship, a place that welcomes strangers and foreigners. But it has turned out that most terrorist attack on places of worship has been carried out by strangers. So I am sure a lot of places of worship, will find it had to implement a lot of the security advice that we have compiled because it will be conflicting with their religious belief and limiting their heart of friendship and compassion to strangers!

But as a security expert, I will advise- ‘ what good will it be,’ if you bring in congregant, patrons and faithful into your place of worship and you fail to protect them?

Advice your congregants, patrons and faithful, not to attend with bag packs, suitcases etc. And if anyone will be coming with one, they should notify your place of worship, and it must be inspected in a safety zone.

In a situation where a stranger, shows up with a bag pack; courteously deny them entry and show them your entry policies. If you don’t have an entry policy, please design one.

External Lockers

I will advise you to provide external lockers, that could be used to store a bag pack. I am not advocating for bag pack to be brought to your place of worship. But just in case an individual shows up with a bag pack, you can provide them with an area of storage after scanning them.

Also make sure the lockers are far away as possible to the main auditorium, to avoid any possible explosion and projectile reaching your patrons.

Explosive detectors: A few years ago, no one would have imagined Explosive detectors will be recommended for a place of worship.Because most people flock to a place of worship; because it provides them with peace of mind, a sense of community, a place of self-reflection and so many other good reasons.

Sadly things have changed, with a spate of a terrorist attack against places of worship as a counter-terrorism measure or security advice for a place of worship. I will recommend a few Explosive detectors technologies.

Also, you can watch a few video footage that I have attached, and you can also do further research and see which Explosive detection technology will best fit your particular place of worship.

Reveal Explosive Detection System

This particular technology doesn’t come small or cheap, but it could be a good fit for a significant place of worship; to be used to scan patrons’ bags. One of the reasons I recommend this particular explosive detector, it’s the unique tunnel design it has got, and the long-distance the bag, the suitcase has to go through to be scanned.

Fido x3 Hand Help Explosive detection

Fido x 3 hands held explosive detector, is portable and easy to carry. There is an unverified claim that it is ‘ the best and most effective handheld explosive detector.’ But it looks impressive, can be used to detect quite good varieties of explosives.

I believe this particular device would be a good fit in a place of worship; especially when it comes to detecting terrorist who may be wearing explosive jackets, belts or bag pack.

Also, check out the following Explosive detection technologies.

SRED-1 handheld explosive detector

CIP-300 for vehicle inspection

Bomb Sniffer Dogs

Vehicle  Bomb Jammer:  The bomb jammer, is often used as a vehicular VIP escort explosive or bomb jammer. From a personal view, I believe it is a very impressive IED jammer technology.

It works by creating a kind of a radar protection zone around a specific area, convoy it is programmed to protect. So when a terrorist tries to use a remote or mobile trigger to activate an explosive, it jams the remote or cellular signals. And the IED doesn’t go off.

Such technology is installed in a motor vehicle, but I think it can also be used by stationing the Bomb Jamming vehicle within the proximity of your place of worship, as extra security and counter-terrorism measure.

Terrorism Has No Religion

Terrorism has no religion or ethnicity; please find links below of past terrorist attack on places of worship.

Link, Synagogue massacre

Link, New Zealand Mosque Shooting

Link, Church Bombing-Nigeria

Link, Church shooting-Texas

From the above link, you can see that terrorism has no religion or colour; and sadly, the world has still got many of these hate-filled people peddling their ideologies and looking for the ‘right opportunity’ to strike; so they can sow fear, division and chaos in our communities and the World.


I will like to suggest, that the Police should make an effort to bring together the different religious bodies in our communities, and train them on Counterterrorism awareness, techniques and response.

I will also encourage management or overseers of different place of worship to hire Counterterrorism consultants and Risk Assessors to help draw a Counterterrorism and Risk Assessment plan, with the view to improve security, improve terrorist attack response and in the dealing with Active shooter scenario.

Link, Churches in North Alabama attend a security conference.


The content and security strategies in this article can be applied to stadiums security, warehouse security, factory security, industrial complex security and any other facility security services.

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