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O ur blog today will focus on helping businesses and individual have an insider understanding of security services contracting. We hope to help clients who are looking to engage a security contractor company do it the right way.

As you read through the contents, you will come across some insightful tips on the behaviours of security contracting companies, before and after they secure your security guard contract.

If we can help one organisation or client have some valuable information, that they can use to vet prospective security services vendors, prepare their contract terms, KPI and expectation for the security company, then we have achieved one of our main goals.

As you read deeper, you will learn about who we are, our services and our commitment to deliver quality security guarding services to our clients, welcome and enjoy the read!

The Fish Test

So many security companies offer to deliver the best security service to the client. But only a few keep to their words when the security contract is locked-in. Talk is indeed cheap!

Why do clients always have such situation amongst security companies? One of the main reason is; most security companies in Melbourne are just interested in the bottom line. I mean they are just interested to get the client hooked. Just like the fisherman setting his fish line and hook. The moment a fish is caught, the next fish is the target, not the one that has been caught.

In other words; many security companies are busy competing to capture security services retainer, security services contract, to the detriment of actually servicing the client’s contracts and need.


Security Contractor Company Examples

There has been a situation, where the security company has so many contracts, then they forget to actually look after the client site and security guards stationed at such site.

There is also a situation where there is a slow response rate from the security company head office, to clients request and client complaint. That means the client site and business is no longer a top priority. Because the security services company have dedicated more resources in trying to win further contracts, so as to keep the security company shareholder happy and not the client!


Understanding More About Security Contractor Company

Why is our focus on such security companies? Our aim is to help clients make the right decision before they hire a security contractor company, or a security services contractor.

Sometimes it’s not just the new prospecting security companies, it might also be your current contractor security company that is underperforming after they had secured the contract. So once you have a good understanding of such lazy tactics by some security companies. Then you can decide to look for the best security company contractor in Melbourne, or security company retainer to look after your business, events or site.

Don’t Focus on The Size

Do not let the size of the security guarding company deceive you; do a due diligence study on the security companies you are looking to contract, hire or assigning as your security retainer.

If possible, check with past or current clients of that particular security company you are looking to work with. Ask them about their services and their response prior to and during the contracted security services term.


We hope that every client, understand the security services industry and hire only the best security companies to look after their events, site and assets.

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Some of the Services we offer:


Concierge Security Hire in Melbourne

High Rise Building Concierge Melbourne

Corporate Security Hire in Melbourne

Corporate Event Security Hire in Melbourne

Security Guards Hire in Melbourne

Retail Boutique Security  in Melbourne

Facility Security Management Hire

Warehouse Security in Melbourne

Event Security Hire in Melbourne

Private Functions Security Melbourne

Functions Venue Security Melbourne

Birthday Party Security Melbourne

Wedding Reception Security in Melbourne

Festivals Security Guards Hire in Melbourne

Over Night Security Hire in Melbourne

Asset Protection Security  Hire in Melbourne

Static Security Guards in Melbourne

Corporate Meetings Security Hire  in Melbourne

Licensed Security Guards: The above are some of the private security guards hire in Melbourne and Victoria. We are a licensed security company in Melbourne that looks after our client, assets, properties, or event; by providing the well trained, licensed and qualified security guard.


At security concepts services we take ownership of every job or contracts that our client entrusts into our hands; we make sure we go above and beyond to deliver on our promises to all our clients.

We take the client’s assets, events, property and custom as ours;  we take ownership,  whether it is properties, event or assets that are being entrusted to us to look after, we give a %100 to make sure all is secured and protected.

We are a security company that has its foundation built on ethical practices; we make sure we and all our security guards deliver on what our client pays for, and often we go above and beyond to deliver.


We are an Australian owned security services company ; so all profits stay in Australia, and we pay taxes to the ATO. We do not operate a cash business, every transaction with clients, employees and contractors are done by the book, so every transaction is transparent. That is why we believe we are the right security contractor company in Melbourne for your business or events.

Best Management Hands

We have some of the best security managers and event managers Australia has to offer. So, when you choose to contract your site, facility, business, event or asset management security to us, you are giving it to professionals security management company in Melbourne.

We Do It Right

At Security Concepts, we carefully select security supervisors and security guards that will work at your business, facility, and event; so only the best suited and experienced security guards will look after what is yours.


Victorian Police license security guards, Victorian Police licensed business, we have our own public liability insurance. So when you assign security concepts services to be the security contractor for your event, business, asset and facility; be rest assured you are giving your trust to an ethical and professional security company. And you can go home and sleep with both eyes closed because we will look after your trust!


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You can also learn about our Corporate school drop off’s and pickups.


To speak to one of our managers on how we can assist your business organisation with your security guard services needs. Please send us an email or give us a call today.|info@securityconcepts.com.au| or |1300 044 989|







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