You Want to Know How Much Security Companies Charge in Australia?

In this article today, security concepts services, will try and answer some of the most commonly asked questions concerning how much security companies charge in Australia such as party & events security hire,  general security guards hire, crowd control hire, bodyguard hire.

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We hope we can answer your security hire prices questions as best as we can. In case some of the answers we provide are not clear or sufficient enough, please feel free to send us an email, and we will try our best to answer your questions further.

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How much is hire security guards?

It depends on the country you are resident, but my response will be focused on ‘ how much it cost to hire a security guard in Australia?’ The average cost of security hire from a professional security company is around $30-$110per hour. Many factors will determine the price of the security hire; some security companies could charge higher than what is mentioned here, it all depends on their standards, experience and the premium service they offer.

Factors that  could determine price:

  1. Peak season
  2. The type of event you are organising
  3. The location of your event, (regional or metro area)
  4. The type of security company providing the security guards ( big established security companies or small security companies?)
  5. Days of the week (Weekends and Public holidays security hire cost more)
  6. Peak or off-peak period ( During Melbourne cup, New years eve period there is a high demand for security guards hire)

We arrive at the above security hire price, factoring costs like; licensing and administration, insurance, premium service delivery, quality of security guards, and their security guard remuneration package. Some dodgy security companies may charge you even $22 per hour, take note such companies are likely practising wage theft, they may supply you unlicensed security guards, and may not have public liability insurance. If anything goes wrong, they wash their hands, do a runner.

How much does it cost to hire security for a festival or Event?

The cost of festival security is similar to event security hire price we answered above (between $40-95 per hour). Festival or events security guards could also be considered as ‘Crowd Controllers.’ So always make sure before you hire festival security guards, that the festival security company provider, shows you their public liability insurance certificate and their security business license certificate, stating ‘ Crowd Control’ in both. Because if they are not insured or licensed for Crowd Control activities, then they are not the right security company to contract.

How much does a security charge for a wedding?

The cost of wedding security hire is also between $40-95 per hour, from a professional and licensed security company. Please check our answer on ‘ how much is security for an event’ above.

How much does it cost for party security hire?

Party security hire cost will also have similar marking as events security hire, between $36-95 per hour again. Always make sure you use a licensed and experienced party security hire company.

How much does it cost to hire a bodyguard?

Bodyguard hire in Australia could cost you in the region of $40-$100+ per hour, depending on the security company, day of the week and experience of the bodyguard. Take note, not every security company is licensed to provide bodyguard services in Australia. Always ask to see their security business certificate or license and see if they are permitted to provide bodyguard services.

How much does armed guard security cost?

Armed security guards cost, is one of the most expensive in the security industry. An estimate of between $40-$150 per hour for armed security hire. The price could even go higher, depending on the risk, task, the geographical region and the operations.

The cost above is an estimate of a local armed guard, doing cash escort in Australia. Take note on a few security companies in Australia are licensed to provide armed security guard services.

How much do security companies charge?

We have answered this question in the first paragraph of our answers above. Kindly scroll a bit up, and you will find the answer! Take note the price of security guard hire I gave in this blog, is for professional and licensed security companies in Australia. I have seen a few articles that wrote $20-30 per hour for security hire. That hire price is not enough to cover the wages of a licensed security officer on most weekdays, without even mentioning the weekend rates.

So, the security hire price listed here is for security companies that offer professional services, companies you can trust to look after your event, assets or site. Please check our blog ‘ Tips before you hire a security company,’ it will help guide you to understand how to hire right and not base on price.

Do I need to hire security guards for my event?

That is an interesting question. The simple answer is ‘ No,’ It’s not a must to hire events security. But if the venue, or  liquor license requirement says so, then it is a  ‘ Yes.’

Also, you may need to hire security, to improve the party and safety experience of your guest. You can also check our blog ‘ duties of events security guards; it may help guide you on why you might require security at your event.

Which is the best security companies?

Australia has got so many good security companies, like security concepts services, Mss security, G4S security, Prosegure, Wilson security, MA services group, Securecorp and so many others.

So it depends on what kind of security services you require. I will advise you to check their website and see what they offer, learn about their history; once again check their reviews and decide who to go with.

There is no particular single security company I can mention as,‘ best security company in Australia’.You rate security companies, base on their experience, their management and quality delivery systems, if they pay their guards the right wage-it means they are likely to attract high-quality security officers. We also look at their current and past security contracts, and one crucial thing again, always check Google news section or Youtube about the company and see if there are any positive or negative news about them. The last thing you want is a private security company with a negative reputation that will affect your organization’s brand.

How Many Security Guards Do I need For Events?

We have answered this question in our past blog, please click on this Link to read the answer.

How to hire security guards? 

First, we will start with how to hire security guards for your event, party, or for your organization or whatever purpose it may be, it is a simple straightforward process. Search on Google, or your local directory listings for security companies nearby or near me. Contact at list 3-5 security companies closeby, make sure you read the content they have on their website, and if possible read their Google reviews too.

Once you have done that, only go with the security company you believe, can provide the right security services you require, based on website and reviews contents. Do not settle for any vendor because they are the cheapest security or most expensive security company. Being cheap does not mean they will provide you with the best guards and excellent services, neither being expensive. Only go with the security company you find them to be professional, have good reviews, have contents on their page that relate to the service you require. If possible check the security companies’ names on Google news section or youtube, you may find positive or negative news about them that could help decide if you are going with the most suitable security company.

Once you have made your choice, send the security companies an email, and from their response, you will have a clear idea of what security company is best for you.

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Written by: Job Moses